Propane Home Heating

Heat Propane to Keep Your Family Warm

Keep your family warm and cozy during the long winter months with propane, your benevolent fuel source.  The U.S. is propane’s leading producer, supporting quality jobs at home. An abundant "bridge fuel," propane is a clean-burning alternative to gasoline and diesel, addressing energy challenges while long-term renewable technologies are developed.

One of the most environmentally friendly fuel sources in the world, propane is popular and economical in both residential and commercial sectors.

Heating Your Home with Propane


A propane furnace is efficient, doing the job for about half the cost of electricity. Plus, a propane-fueled furnace is smaller and can last 15 to 20 years. That’s nearly 50% longer than electric heat pumps.

Fire Places

Cozy up by your propane fireplace - no need to gather and chop up wood and zero remodeling costs. Plus, they burn more efficiently than wood, are cleaner, and safer for your family.

Water Heating

With a high-efficiency propane water heater, you can save up to 16% in annual energy costs compared to electric models. Enjoy endless hot water and even lower energy bills.

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