What to Know About Propane Delivery

November 1, 2023 –

Approximately 11.9 million households in the U.S. use propane. One of the conveniences of using gas is having it delivered to the residential property by a reputable provider. Here’s a rundown of how propane is delivered and what you can expect from the service as a homeowner.

Setting the Stage
Before having propane delivered to your house, you must set the stage. This starts by selecting a place to store the propane tank or tanks. Place it in an obscure corner of the home’s exterior, in the yard hidden by landscaping, or even in the ground.

Once you’ve selected the best location, you can set up a filled propane tank delivery. Call your preferred propane provider, like Paraco Gas, and arrange for a technician to come out and set everything up. They’ll install the tanks and connect them to your home’s black pipe system. This will ensure you’re ready for your first delivery.

Delivering the Propane
Propane is a gas in its natural form. However, when stored under pressure inside a tank, it becomes a liquid. This makes it easier to transport and deliver by truck, which is how it is transported to your home.

Propane residential delivery occurs when your propane delivery driver arrives at your house. They run a hose from the roadside to the tank and then fill it with liquid propane (LP).

After the propane company leaves, you can check the propane tank gauge and may discover they left the tank 80% full. A reliable company will never fill a tank to capacity. LP requires room to expand and contract based on environmental conditions.

As a final note, there are also propane exchange delivery programs to get more propane in smaller receptacles. If you use propane for a gas grill or outdoor fireplace, you can use a service like this to exchange empty 5-gallon tanks for full ones.

Paying Your Bill
Once your propane is in the tank, the driver will leave a bill, or if you’ve opted for paperless billing, it will generate electronically. You can pay this bill online or over the phone.

Setting Up a Propane Tank Monitor
As a final step, after you’ve had your first propane delivery, you can ask about a propane tank monitor. This remote monitoring system hooks up to your standard tank gauge. When your tank reaches a certain level, usually around 30% or less, the monitor will use a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to alert your delivery service that you’re running low.

A propane tank monitor is an excellent way to remove the fear of running out of propane. Usage varies throughout the year and often spikes in the winter. As a homeowner, it’s helpful to avoid worrying about running out of propane, especially at times of the year when you need it the most.

Using Propane to Propel Your Life
Propane is a powerful way to ignite your life. It helps with heating, water heaters, ovens, pools, hot tubs, and more.

If you want to use propane to propel your life, it must first be delivered. Find the right spot, set up a tank, and schedule your first delivery. Install a monitor, and you can benefit from a steady flow of propane for the foreseeable future.

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