Tank Sizes & Installation

Installing Your Tank

Aboveground or underground—our trained specialists will help you decide the best location for your tank.


Aboveground tanks are built to last harsh winters, sweltering summers and extreme natural elements.


Our discrete, environmentally friendly underground tanks are painted with a special coating that prevents corrosion and lasts for years.

Propane Tank Sizes

Whether you’re heating your home or powering appliances,
we’ve got the right size tank to fuel your every day.

56-Gallon Tank
  • Fuels ovens, ranges and clothes dryers
  • 43” high and 24” in diameter
  • Holds 48 gallons of propane
120-Gallon Tank
  • Fuels hot water heaters, space heaters and pool heaters
  • 54.4” high and 30” in diameter
  • Holds 100 gallons of propane
250-Gallon Tank
  • Fuels generators, pool heaters, and a combination of appliances
  • 7’ 10” long and 30” in diameter
  • Holds 200 gallons of propane
500-Gallon Tank
  • Fuels central heating and pool heaters
  • 9’ 11” long and 37.5” in diameter
  • Holds 400 gallons of propane
1000-Gallon Tank
  • Fuels large homes and used for commercial applications
  • 16′ 2″ long and 41″ in diameter
  • Holds 850 gallons of propane

Underground Tank Installation

Paraco installs underground tanks in just a few easy steps.

  • A Paraco professional will obtain all the required permits for installation.
  • We’ll work with you to determine the right place for your equipment and tank. If needed, we can even dig a trench to bury the gas line.
  • We follow all local, state, and national codes, and we will properly install and protect your propane tank and gas lines.
  • After inspection, our technicians will make sure everything is working properly.