Top 4 Questions About Propane Price

March 23, 2021 –

Here we answer our 4 most commonly received questions about propane price.

  • Why have my propane costs gone up?
    Inventory supplies in the United States and Canada are often depleted faster than they can be replaced which drives up prices. This affects transportation costs as well, since the trucks used to transport gas to our storage tanks have to travel greater distances to pick up supply. Prices in the Northeast are high, but not as high as they are in the Midwest where wholesale propane is being sold for more than $5 per gallon.
  • When will my propane pricing come down?
    If the price of propane rises, the higher costs will likely last through the winter. Once demand decreases and production outpaces demand, prices should return to lower levels.
  • What will happen to the cost of my fuel once the introductory rate has expired?
    Your price will revert to the market rate. The price you pay will be based on the market cost plus your annual consumption; the more propane you use, the better the rate we can offer you.
  • How often will the price of propane fuel fluctuate?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how often the price will fluctuate. However, we can guarantee that we will always give you a fair, competitive rate.

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