Installing a Propane Tank. The Process

April 6, 2021 – ,

This article is for you if you’re expecting to install either an above-ground or underground propane tank. Here we cover how the propane cylinder (tank) installation process works.

    • Step 1 – Set Up Appointment: You’ll want to schedule an appointment to have one of our experienced sales reps perform a site survey. Determining your property line may be necessary. The rep will collect details and measurements, and write a quote for the installation.
    • Step 2 – The Appointment: Once the quote has been agreed upon, your sales rep will gather specific documentation based on your town’s requirements. This information might include site plans, signatures, offsets, etc. based on your town’s specific needs. If your town does not require permits, Steps 3 – 6 will not apply.
    • Step 3 – Your Town’s Requirements: Town permits and applications often take around 10 days to process. Frequently, it requires multiple signatures from various departments within the town to make sure your job is approved.
    • Step 4 – Required Documentation: A Permit Specialist will contact the town to ensure they have all the information to avoid unnecessary delays. Our Permits Department will contact you if additional information is needed.
    • Step 5 – The Permit: Once your permit is approved, service dispatchers will schedule service technicians, gather inventory, and make any necessary arrangements. We will also make sure any outside work has been performed, and that the site is ready.  These include ensuring any trenching, excavation, concrete pads (concrete slabs), electrical, etc., have been completed.
    • Step 6 – Approved Permits: Once your permit is approved, service dispatchers will schedule service technicians, gather inventory, and make any necessary arrangements.  We will also confirm that any work that is required by outside contractors, like trenching, excavation, concrete pads, electrical, etc., is complete and the site is ready.
    • Step 7 – Installation Confirmation: The night before your scheduled installation date, we will call you to confirm our service technicians’ expected arrival time.
    • Step 8 – Installation Day!: The service technician will start the installation. This includes installing the propane tank, running the gas line and performing a pressure test to ensure the line is gas-tight before adding the propane.
    • Step 9 – Pressure Test: Once the technician leaves, a Paraco dispatcher will schedule the town official to come out and verify the pressure test. This usually takes 1-3 days but it might take longer based on the town’s schedule.
    • Step 10 – Gas Line Connection: Once the pressure test has been performed, the service technician will come out to connect the gas line to your propane tank. The technician will check for leaks and make sure your appliances are working correctly.
    • Step 11 – Safety First: The technician will show you how to turn the tank off in an emergency and answer any questions you may have.
    • Step 12 – Use Your Propane: This is the final step! A delivery truck will fill the remainder of your tank to its regulated capacity. The technician will test the system, then you’ll be able to use your appliances immediately.

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