Four Generator Facts that Dispel The Myths

September 8, 2022 – ,

For safety and comfort in your home, standby generators can’t be beaten. It’s a huge relief to know that you’ll still have power output even when the electricity is out. Don’t let the following four myths trick you into thinking otherwise.

Myth 1: Power outages won’t affect my home

The biggest future power outage threats may come from power grid overloads, not just seasonal storm systems. The combined increase in power demand and expanding population create the perfect recipe for outage disasters at particularly inconvenient times.

These untimely events put you at risk of food spoiling, lack of lighting, damaged electronics, discomfort in hot, humid weather or frigid temperatures, and many inconveniences. And if you own a septic tank, you’ll only get in a couple of toilet flushes.

Once you’ve experienced this, you’ll never look back on owning a propane generator and having backup power for your house.

Myth 2: Generators require gasoline & a lot of setup time

Portable gasoline generators have challenges like ensuring the gas is fresh, and there’s enough to get through an outage.

Fortunately, they’re not the only option.

Permanent propane generators for your house are the most convenient option with much less hassle. Propane does not deteriorate while stored in the tank. If appropriately sized propane storage is installed, the standby generator can provide fuel to power a home for days, even weeks, without needing to refuel.

Wireless propane tank monitoring and auto delivery options add a safety net. Many high-performance builders will install a standby generator’s electrical panel and gas lines. This is an attractive option to buyers because it’s less expensive to install from the get-go.

Myth 3: All generators are dirty & noisy

Unlike portable gasoline generators, propane standby generators don’t smell or endanger the environment. Also, they have become much quieter over the last decade. High-tech features like remote monitoring allow you to check the unit’s status right from your phone. This is particularly useful and convenient if you’re away or expecting a big storm.

Myth 4: Renewable energy can replace generators

Renewable energies like solar panels and battery-storage systems serve an essential role in our environment, but all alone, they can’t take the place of a standby generator. Batteries by themselves won’t provide enough backup during an extended outage.

However, some combined strategies work, like installing a solar system and a standby generator for backup. Or propane-fueled appliances and systems like water and space heaters to reduce the electric load on a solar-powered system.

Some builders install a heat pump and a gas furnace so the home can run on electricity or propane, depending on what is most efficient or available at the time.

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