Paraco’s Donation Aids in Permanent Housing for U.S. Veterans

March 19, 2018

Date: 02/15/2018
Rye Brook, New York

Through the Home Depot Foundation which donates millions of dollars each year to victims of natural disasters and supports military veterans via multiple organizations, Paraco recently participated in the Foundation’s latest fund-raising event with a $25,000 silver-level sponsorship as well as volunteered labor to the physical event. Paraco has a dedicated interest in Home Depot as Paraco’s largest
BBQ Exchange customer; and cultivating this strong relationship is of key importance, in addition to providing Home Depot with the best in product, service, and competitive pricing.

Paraco’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Muscato, and Vice President of Sales, Dan Kostecki attended Home Depot’s Orlando, FL networking conference in support of the Home Depot Foundation whose honorable mission is to renovate an old motel in Orlando, Florida which will become permanent housing for veterans this spring. Along with key Home Depot executives and other vendors, they organized into a volunteer team of over-600 strong and spent the day transforming the aged structure into useful housing for over 200 homeless military veterans. The highly-recognized donation validates that at Paraco, doing good for both business and communities simultaneously is possible.

Of this event, Dave Moscato personally added “At Paraco, doing good for our business and for our communities in which we live and serve at the same time is possible. It feels good to give back.” Dan Kostecki added “I felt extremely proud to know that we work for a company that is completely committed to giving back to communities and especially to the Veterans that served us by defending this country. It was a privilege and honor to support this effort”.

With pride and an outpouring of support, this year’s Foundation has raised over $9 million, demonstrating the magnitude of spectacular generosity and effort resulting from enduring goals and commitment in this ultimately successful and purposeful undertaking.