Celebrating Rachael Sniffen’s 10-Year Milestone Anniversary!

November 28, 2021

We are delighted to celebrate and congratulate Rachael on her 10-year milestone anniversary with us this November 28th!

Rachael is an Energy Specialist who works from our Brewster, NY location.  Rachael reports to Charlie Buonincontri, Director of Sales.  As part of the Sales team, Rachael handles all residential and commercial applications in our Westchester, NY market.

Charlie considers Rachael to be one of the most versatile Energy Specialists.  Since she worked in the Collections department, being a staple in supervising the service function in Brewster for many years, she has developed a robust understanding of Paraco’s business.

In honor of Rachael’s milestone anniversary, we share some quotes expressing gratitude and praise:

Andy Mirchin, Key Account Manager: “Rachael, 10 years seems like an Eternity. You are a great example of an employee growing with the company and expanding your horizons. Continue the career path with Paraco Gas and who knows where you will be 10 years from now. Keep up the good work and congratulations.”

Charlie Buonincontri, Director of Sales: “Rachael’s background makes her a valuable team player. She understands the functions and potential challenges other departments may have, and she helps navigate those to provide a better customer experience.  With her first successful year in Sales, I am excited as to what the future holds for her.”

Rachael, we are thrilled to celebrate you and this special day.  With much appreciation and gratitude, we look forward to sharing many more … Congratulations and Happy 10th Anniversary!