Propane Helps Your Home Transition from Summer to Fall

September 13, 2022 – ,

There are a lot of people out there who are super excited that fall is almost here. Pumpkin spice everything, crunchy leaves…these people are ready for it to be October like, yesterday. (The hashtag #Fall2022 already had over 90,000 posts on Instagram in late August, and fall decorating has been in full swing for some time!)


But some people look forward to the summer every year and want to hang onto that “vaycay every day” atmosphere rather than transition into the business-as-usual feeling we are all collectively conditioned to get when the school year starts, whether we’re enrolled or not. You’re certainly not alone if you’re not ready to put away your pool floaties and sunscreen!


Luckily, propane can help transition your home no matter where you fall. Propane appliances can nurture either of these sides of ourselves and appease the one-or-the-other people, too.


(Of course, there are people who love both. After all, there are fantastic things about every season. That just means they get to have it all — and propane helps them do it.)


Whether you’re an “I’m hanging onto summer as long as possible, how dare you” person or a “Cover me in sweaters NOW” type, propane has you covered as we inch toward autumn.


To keep summer going, use:


Propane pool heaters


Hopping in the pool doesn’t have to be just a summer activity — you can splash around even after we’ve moved into the “-ber” months (September, October, etc.) of the year when you have a propane gas pool heater.


Propane raises the pool water temperature to exactly where you want it so that you can hop it and keep the summer fun in the fall.

And because propane is highly efficient — able to reach hotter temperatures with less energy and money expenditure than other heat sources — it’s an affordable way to keep that vacation feeling going even when it’s back to school time.


Propane grills


Gas grilling is an essential year-round for many households, but it’s undeniably linked with summer.


So bring your summery association with burgers, hot dogs, and more into the fall! Even if there’s a chill in the air, you can lay out a bright-colored tablecloth, fire up the propane gas grill to make your summer favorites and have dinner feel like the 4th of July whenever you want.


To bring on the fall vibes, use:


Propane patio heaters


As we move toward fall, the days tend to still be hot but the nights are cooling off — and hanging out, catching a chill is exactly what fall-loving hearts desire.


For maximum impact, it’s not just chill-catching, but the warming back up that makes fall outdoors cozy. Patio heaters are perfect for that in-between time. You can also enjoy a slight nip in the night air and the warmth and glow of gas patio heaters and fire pits.


Propane fire pits


Propane firepits bring the dreamy ambiance that fall lovers crave at the flip of a switch and with no odor or smoke — something that we can’t say for wood-burning fire pits, which can smell nice in the moment but not so much in your hair and clothes for days afterward.


They’re also excellent for roasting marshmallows for s’mores, arguably one of the coziest summer-fall food experiences.


Propane outdoor kitchens


For even more fall food, propane-powered outdoor kitchens allow you to craft fall-favorite recipes right outside in the sun (whether it’s a sunny, hot day or perfectly overcast). Outdoor kitchens are a super customizable way to bring the joy of cooking to the great outdoors — which could mean making some comforting goodies like baked apple cider donuts and bringing a little fall energy to your outdoor space.


Every single one of these appliances can be used year-round, but hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas to optimize this time of year! It’s worth noting that these are only some of the outdoor applications for propane…there’s even more you can do with indoor propane uses to get the feel of your favorite season!

So hang onto summer, usher in fall, or — our favorite — do a little of both. Propane will help you along the way and ensure every day is a good day…whether it’s your favorite season or not.

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