Propane: The Affordable Fuel That’s Great All Year

June 17, 2022 –

As your trusted propane provider, Paraco is always here for your propane delivery needs, any time, any season.

Even during the coldest winter, rest assured that you’ve chosen wisely to utilize our green, versatile, affordable fuel source. Propane is so diverse that you can take advantage of its benefits all year round.

Read on to learn why and how.

Propane and Summer Go Hand in Hand

With those Dog Days of Summer, there’s nothing better than a refreshing swim in your backyard pool powered by propane. As a seasoned propane user, you know you save money heating your pool with propane.

Another outdoor summertime favorite includes camping. And yes, propane makes your outdoor experience easy, versatile, and more enjoyable. Propane is perfect for portable heaters, fire pits, and cooking appliances. Even your RV’s fridge can be powered by propane.

And it goes without saying, summer is THE time for great outdoor cookouts and festivities with your propane gas grill.

Autumn in Action

Fall is an enchanting time of year; the turning of the leaves, temperature changes, and shifts in the air pronounce summer at its end.

But that’s not something to fret over. Each of the four seasons has its unique charm, and autumn is no different.

This is the time to cozy up by your outdoor fire pit or hearth, propane fireplace, and outdoor decorative lighting.

And like all the other seasons, you’ll want to keep your grill ready. Fall is perfect for grilling veggies, juicy steaks, and even a turkey outdoors. Just remember to ensure your propane tank also has a full belly — never let the level drop below 30%.

Continue Saving Money This Winter

You’re the savvy one, making the right choice in using propane for your heating, hot water, and other utilities. You fully understand the economic benefits of heating your home with propane, enjoying your environmentally-friendly propane hearth, and reliably warm baths powered by your propane water heater.

Gas fireplaces are an amazing way to cozy up over the winter. There are fireplace inserts and gas log sets to fit every decor, and the control knobs and remote controls let you experience a cozy fire instantly.

And if you’ve thought ahead and not moved your grill into storage, there’s still time for winter festivities, including warming up some chestnuts with family and friends.

Spring Is Almost Here

Winter’s remnants of snow and ice will be melting, and being the proactive person you are, you understand that propane can help you prep your yard for spring.

Did you know professional landscapers and companies are converting their equipment to run on propane? You, too, can convert your lawnmower to propane. This benefits the planet by decreasing pollution and stinky fumes and increases your lawnmower’s motor efficiency.

And though spring is in the air, we all know it comes with its share of storms and power outages. But savvy you understands your power won’t ever go out with your reliable propane generator in standby mode.

And of course, since you’ve kept your propane grill running throughout winter, it’s time to give it a quick cleaning and tune-up, then fire it up for those great spring cookouts.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to learn more, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We’re more than your propane supplier — we’re here to help.

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