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Our Plans Make Your Life Easier

We know it's not always easy predicting your propane bill each month. Propane prices change daily based on market factors, which makes it difficult for us to estimate that cost for you. That's why we offer several propane plans that can make your life easier and your budget work.

Predictable Monthly Bills

Rest easy knowing your monthly propane bills will always be the same, no matter how much propane you use. Your total is based on your predicted annual consumption. We spread that cost of propane evenly throughout the year. Any adjustments can be settled at the end of the payment period. You’ll receive a predictable monthly bill and peace of mind. Call us for more details.

Easy Payment Options

Join our Direct Pay or Easy Pay programs for worry-free automatic payments each month to set up worry-free automatic payments with Paraco. Choose whether you want your account balance automatically deducted from your checking account within 10 business days of the service (Direct Pay) or added to your credit card upon statement date (Easy Pay). Plus, sign up for our Third Party Notification Service and designate a relative, friend or agency to be alerted if your heating service will be shut off due to of an unpaid bill. Think of it as propane insurance.

An Endless Supply

Join our FREE Automatic Delivery program. We’ll manage your propane supply so you don’t have to. We’ll estimate when you’ll need a propane refill based on your past propane use and get the job done—no more scheduling appointments, no service charges, and no running out of propane. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Real-Time Tank Monitoring

The Tank Butler® is at your service, monitoring your propane supply 24/7. This Automatic Tank Level Monitoring System lets us track your fuel level so we can deliver your propane when you need it, reducing the number of deliveries and emergency delivery charges. Plus, it installs easily on your propane tank and is virtually maintenance free.

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