Much Ado About Nothing: The Truth of Gas Stove Emissions

February 7, 2023 – , ,

Just a few months ago, searching for the phrase “black gas stove” would yield a bunch of ads for gas ranges. Today, if you type in the same phrase, you can expect to be bombarded with sensational news stories that blindly reference a recent study but don’t really break down the issue at hand.

In case you missed it, the aforementioned report suggests that gas stoves produce harmful emissions that may contribute to childhood asthma and other respiratory challenges. The report somehow caused gas stoves to become the center of a culture war that follows traditional political party lines.

In response to the report, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission even discussed banning or regulating the purchase of gas stoves. But before you shut off your gas supply or kick your retro gas stove to the curb, it’s a good idea to explore the truth of this odd but timely issue.

Do You Need to Ditch Your 4 Burner Gas Stove?
You may first want to know the answer to the burning question (no pun intended) that everyone is asking. Do you need to ditch your 4 burner gas stove? You can let out a sigh of relief, knowing you can hold onto it and avoid maxing out your credit card in an effort to save the world one stove at a time.

According to Statista, 38% of American households feature a gas stove. The millions of Americans that rely on gas stoves for food prep should continue using them. That includes you.

To understand why you can take a closer look at this respected study.

The Far-from-Perfect Study that Sparked National Debate
The study that everyone has been raving about is a meta-analysis, which compiles data from multiple other studies, analyzes it, and looks for trends.

In this case, the meta-analysis combined data from 41 different papers. The research documented in these papers was conducted over multiple decades and examined populations from around the globe.

If you want to get into specifics, there are extensive breakdowns available that comprehensively detail the findings. But the TL;DR version is this: The results of each study provided an inconsistent — and seemingly random — correlation between gas stove usage and asthma.

For instance, one paper found a link between gas stove usage and asthma in females but not males.

So, is there a relationship between asthma and gas stoves? Maybe, but it is likely a weak relationship at best.

Does a Retro Gas Stove Pose Any Risks?
A retro gas stove can pose a few risks, especially if you fail to maintain it. For instance, aging pipes and hoses can be prone to leaks. Additionally, failing to use your ventilation system could decrease your air quality.

The good news is that these issues are easy to fix. You can safeguard against leaks by scheduling routine leak checks with a gas or propane provider like Paraco Gas. You should also ensure that you use your vent system and regularly clean its filter if it is equipped with one.

Ways to Make Your Stove Even Safer
Is it safe to continue using your gas stove? Yes, so long as your equipment is working properly and you follow manufacturer guidelines.

However, you can make your stove even safer and further enhance the indoor air quality in your home. To do so, consider switching your stove from gas to propane. Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuel sources available, and it is a highly cost-effective way to power your stove.

Understanding the truth about the gas stove debate allows you to go back to cooking homemade meals confidently while channeling your inner Ina Garten or Gordon Ramsey. You can also pass down the tradition of cooking on a gas stove, which provides more heat control and can cost less than electric alternatives.

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