Man’s Best Fuel

February 27, 2020 – ,

Propane, Man’s Best Fuel

It’s a widely accepted saying that dogs are man’s best friend due to their loyalty, highly interactive companionship and profound bonding with us. As for fuel, it’s generally accepted that propane is man’s best fuel. Like dogs, propane’s loyalty is constant, and with just a little bit of supervision you’ll never run out of it — and it won’t run away either!

Propane has come a long way since the old days of simple gas barbecues. Convenience, versatility, affordability and energy awareness mixed with innovation, technology and demand have all helped increase popularity and uses for this environmentally friendly fuel. Propane or LPG (liquid propane gas) has hundreds of uses throughout a wide array of categories — everyday residential, commercial, entertainment and recreational applications.

Don’t be surprised to learn that the following are just some of the super uses for propane …


  • Building and Remodeling Homes. Many of a home’s major systems perform better with gas energy, so you’ll not only enjoy greater comfort, you’ll see lower energy bills, too. Build in a propane system and reap all the benefits from the get-go.
  • Adding or Replacing Appliances. Don’t settle for less. Propane appliances provide higher efficiency, better performance, and include items like furnaces and boilers; water heaters; ranges, ovens and stoves; clothes dryers; fireplaces; generators; outdoor living; storage and distribution; and space heating.
  • Stylish Outdoor Living. The versatility and convenience of home propane are nearly limitless and don’t just pertain to the inside of your home. You can transform and enhance your outdoor space with propane too. Full and stylish outdoor kitchens, decorative flame lighting, patio heaters, fire pits and more; can all conveniently be powered by propane. Propane pool or spa heaters and patio heaters extend the fun well into the night while supporting energy efficiency, a green environment and your wallet.
  • Grilling with Propane. Outdoor cooking with propane is easy, safe, not messy and inexpensive to operate compared to smelly charcoal grills. Consumers can choose from a variety of portable or permanent installation options. And just like indoor gas ranges, propane grills offer instant on-off convenience, clean, even heat, and precision temperature control for a perfectly done meal — every time. Better yet, they also offer the added benefit of being 105 times more environmentally friendly than charcoal grills, according to the EPA.
  • Standby Generators & Backup Energy Systems. Propane is your reliable and loyal backup energy source. A propane-powered backup generator can save you from stressful inconvenience and monetary loss if you find yourself or your family without power. All you need to do is decide on whether a portable or standby model work best for your needs. And, did you know that propane can be coupled with renewable energy systems? Solar water heating can be coupled with a propane tank or a tankless water heater or boiler for pool and spa water heating. Propane is also used in conjunction with electric power. Solar photo-voltaic systems can provide some electricity for outdoor room applications, and a propane generator can supplement when battery backup isn’t sufficient.
  • Think lawnmowers, heating greenhouses, irrigation, space and temp heat. Green-minded customers prefer to operate landscaping equipment with low-emissions propane. Compared with gasoline mowers, propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 15% and carbon monoxide emissions by over 40%. Another savings speaks directly to your wallet — propane equipment is secure, closed-loop fuel system saves money by virtually eliminating the opportunity for messy spills, which comes with the benefit of no smelly exhaust fumes.


A plethora of industries find propane is their best fuel, not only for cost savings, but for convenience, safety and versatility too. Some of the many industrial uses of propane include ceramic tiles, pottery and glass, textiles, forklifts, metallurgic, chemical production, food processing, farming (space heat for greenhouses, barns, forklift, hot water), automotive (autogas), and hospitality (golfing, hotel, facilities maintenance, restaurants).

Over 600,000 propane-fueled forklifts are in use across US industrial markets today, and of 100 professional chefs surveyed, 96 preferred cooking with propane, providing instant heat, responsive control and quicker, more even cooking. Clean and green, propane delivers the most in efficient, high-performance building. Over 17 million vehicles globally use autogas due to its cost effectiveness, reduced vehicle maintenance, safety and ease of refueling. Around 830,000 farms in the US use propane, and agricultural experts rely on it. Better than electric, diesel, and natural gas on emissions, propane performs just as well watering the trees and crops farmers need. Propane does this economically and with lower maintenance requirements, too. Farmers can reap additional cost savings when they enroll in the Propane Farm Incentive Program, sponsored by The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

Recreational & the Great Outdoors

Go ahead; let your mind wander. Man’s best fuel helps to provide unrivaled portable energy. Add comfort, versatility and convenience to assorted recreational and entertaining activities. For example …

  • Camping & RVs. Yes, propane makes your outdoor experience easy and more enjoyable! Propane is perfect for portable heaters, fire pits and cooking appliances. Even your RV’s fridge can be powered by propane! With propane, it’s always THE time for great the outdoors, cookouts and festivities.
  • Propane is great for heating and cooking aboard. It produces lots of energy for its weight, is readily available and conveniently comes in cylinders.
  • Portable propane heaters are perfect during ice fishing season. Keep the frigid cold at bay with a portable propane heater to keep you comfortable on all your ice fishing excursions.
  • Hot air balloons. Not for the faint of heart, but yes! Modern hot air balloons use propane in the burner, stored in cylinders, to heat the air.

Learn more about everything propane can do for you at The Benefits of Propane! Call Paraco today, your local propane provider for more information about how we can fuel your every day.

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