Top Winter Propane Uses & Safe Party Tips

November 19, 2020 – ,

Make this winter everything you want from it with propane.  Propane has so many convenient and versatile outdoor uses like cooking, yard work, hearths, fire pits, patio heaters and outdoor lighting.  Propane’s high dependability and efficiency make it the perfect fuel source for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Cooking. Don’t be too quick in “winterizing” your grill!  It’s always a great time for firing up your propane grills and smokers. And don’t forget about tailgates, an all-American favorite throughout the season.

Hearths, Fire Pits & Heaters.  With propane at hand, cold nights won’t stop you from enjoying time outdoors. Go ahead and savor your backyard — you’ll stay warm with your pal propane. Propane hearths, patio heaters and fire pits provide plenty of ambiance without the constant tending to or obligatory clean up after. Remotely controlled models are also available.  Simply enjoy your warming fire and leave the other maintenance stuff behind.  No more need to buy and lug firewood. With a model made just for your needs, you can get the most out of your backyard with the least amount of effort on comfort and convenience.

Tips for Safer Parties This Winter

This year’s sports party events may look a bit different with the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can still enjoy them on the safe side.  Here are key points to experiencing a safe, winning party!

Take advantage of your backyard and host your party outside.  Ventilation, space between people, and masks are your best defense against the virus (actually, most airborne viruses).  Outdoors, there’s plenty of room to social distance while still maintaining the ability to safely have fun watching a game together.  If you’ve got a covered space above, that’s great in case of precip.  If not, consider a temporary cover to keep guests dry if precip is in your forecast.

You may want every single friend over to partake in the festivities.  But this year, it might be wise to consider a small gathering, like one or two other families you know are being just as safe and taking the same precautions as you, so all your guests can feel safe and comfortable.  Don’t forget – more friends can participate virtually!

Think about cooler, trash receptacle, table, and chair placement.  Make sure there’s plenty of disposable plates, cups, utensils and napkins or paper towels. And don’t forget to supply disinfectant wipes and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for your and your guests’ use.  Lastly, think about keeping additional disposable masks at hand for guests who may have forgotten theirs at home.

Bathroom Use. Restrict contamination of surfaces in your home and potentially spreading infection by designating one bathroom for guest use. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels, hand soap and a large enough trash receptacle to last through the event.  Politely ask your guests not to roam around the house.

Food.  During a pandemic, the sharing of food is not safe. This time around, ask your guests to bring their own snacks, side dishes and drinks.  Freshly-cooked meats and grilled veggies directly off your propane grill are relatively safe.  Guests should mask up when approaching the grill.

Viewing the game itself.  If a fun investment in a portable projector and screen aren’t in your forecast, or if moving a TV outside isn’t feasible, consider having your guests use their cell phones to view the game.  Strategically place electric outlets with cord extensions so guests can charge their phones without getting too close.  Remind your guests in advance to bring their phone chargers.

Last but not least, make sure your propane tanks are filled all season long to get the most out of your time outdoors.  Need to refill or replace a propane tank?  Check for one of our Paraco LOCATIONS nearest you or give us a call for assistance.

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