Propane Pool Heat is Reliable & Economical

April 19, 2021 – ,

Propane is a sustainable fuel source with several advantages over other fuels.

It is more energy-rich than natural gas, which means propane produces more energy when you burn the same amount of it as you would natural gas. That means you’ll use less of it to heat your swimming pool than you would natural gas.

And in its natural state, propane isn’t a greenhouse gas, so it’s not just a cleaner energy choice for today, but an excellent choice for the future.

Among its other advantages are:

Affordability, performance & cost efficiency

Propane’s general lower cost and performance efficiency mean reduced energy bills.
Low Carbon Footprint. Propane as a fuel source means living and working more sustainably by minimizing the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted.


When you need it, propane is always there, stored on-site, or delivered to you by a local propane supplier.

And it’s perfect for above-ground pools, inground pools, and spas. Propane heaters will bring any style pool to its desired temperature and keep it there, whether your pool is above ground, inground, an infinity pool, or in a spa setting.

If you are beginning to think about, or in the initial stages of a pool installation, popular and aesthetically pleasing pool shapes and pool designs that owners love include rectangular, celebrity, Grecian pools, kidney, oval, double Roman end, Roman end, Gothic, oasis, lazy ell, true ell, geometric pools, and tee.

And if you’re wondering whether you can heat a saltwater pool, the answer is yes. It can be heated with propane the same as other types of pools.

Over the last decade, technological advancements have increased innovations improving pool heat efficiencies, such as “smart” heaters and variable-speed circulation pumps. Propane-powered pool heat adds value because it offers several key performance aspects that outperform electric heat pumps.

Extended pool time

Propane-powered pool heat means warmth, efficiency, reliability, and fun for as long as you like. Gone are the single-season days. Using propane to heat your pool ensures your pool water temperature is always perfect. And an efficient pool heater will offer “smart” solutions that consider climate, demand, and control.

Propane pool heaters are powerful and robust machines that operate cleanly and take up little space. And they provide much higher efficiency than electric systems, maintaining your desired pool and spa water temperature much more effectively so you can enjoy your pool experience any time of day or year.

Good value for your money

Pool installations and maintenance aren’t cheap, whether you have an above or below-ground swimming pool, so you probably want to ensure you can use your pool for as much of the year as possible. With propane pool heaters, you can do just that. They are proven to warm pools and spas more quickly and reliably than electric heat pumps.

Propane pool heaters operate the same way as a home water heating system, are easy to install, and are low maintenance. They will quickly bring the water to the desired temperature — up to four times faster than electric models.

Propane pool heaters also offer convenience. Propane puts out more BTUs than a heat pump if you need a quick pool heat-up.

Propane pool heaters beat electric pump heaters in reliability and cost. They will reliably maintain pool heat better in cold weather than electric models. That’s because electric pump heaters use the nearby outdoor air to warm the pool water, so especially when the air temp is cooler, they will never be able to optimally heat the pool or keep it there consistently.

Conversely, propane pool heaters burn the actual propane, warming the water from the pool pump and then circulating it back into the pool or spa. So no matter how cold it is outside, you’ll have a reliably warm pool during any season, day or night.

You may also want to consider a propane patio heater that will keep your pool deck area warm while adding ambiance to your backyard.

Your local propane supplier can help you determine what is best for your type of pool and heating needs. If you’re in the Northeast, contact us here at Paraco and we’ll be happy to help.

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