Propane Pool Heat is Reliable & Economical

April 19, 2023 – ,

It’s time to uncover the pool, get your propane pool heater cleaned, and ready for its first swim of the season. But what if you are in the market for a new pool heater? We can tell you why a propane pool heater is your best option!

Propane is a clean-burning fuel. When burned, it produces more energy than natural gas, making it more energy-efficient and cost-effective than other fuels. Propane has a low carbon footprint, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious pool and spa owners.

Pool heaters powered by propane are a cost-effective choice that can provide good results and use less energy, resulting in cost savings and a lower environmental impact. When you need it, propane is always there, stored on-site or delivered by a local propane supplier. Propane pool heaters are perfect for all types of pools, including above-ground pools, in-ground pools, infinity pools, and spas.

Propane pool heaters have improved over the past decade. This is thanks to technological advancements and innovations, like smart heaters and variable-speed circulation pumps. Propane-powered pool heat offers several key performance aspects that outperform electric heat pumps, especially efficiencies.

One significant advantage of propane pool heaters is extended pool time. Propane-powered pool heat ensures your outdoor pool or indoor pool water temperature is always perfect. It offers warmth, efficiency, reliability, and fun for extended periods.

Using propane to heat your pool allows you to enjoy your pool experience any time of day or year. They provide much higher efficiency than electric systems, maintaining your desired pool and spa water temperature more effectively. They can quickly heat water up to four times faster than electric models. Propane pool heaters also offer convenience, putting out more BTUs than heat pumps if you need a quick pool heat-up.

Pool sizes can vary greatly. This will determine how much propane you need to heat it. The size of your tank is also based on this. Paraco and other local propane suppliers can help you decide the right pool heater or propane tank size for your pool.

Looking for a second opinion about propane pool heaters? You can read reviews on the top ten heaters for an additional resource.

Pool heaters powered by propane tend to be more dependable and affordable compared to electric pump heaters. Additionally, they are strong, resistant to rust, and can be adjusted to maintain a specific temperature.

They maintain pool heat better in cold weather than electric models. Electric pump heaters use outdoor air to warm pool water. This makes optimizing pool heating and keeping temperatures consistent during cold weather difficult.

Propane pool heaters burn propane to warm the water from the pool pump. The heated water is then circulated back into the pool or spa. No matter how cold it is outside, you can enjoy a reliably warm pool during any season, day, or night.

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