Propane Mosquito Traps for an Itch-Free Summer

August 16, 2022 – ,

When it comes to mosquitos in the summer, sometimes you have to bring out the big guns. Those itchy mosquito bites can turn a dream of a summer day into a pesky nightmare without the proper defensive tools.

And if you don’t have a propane mosquito trap in your mosquito control arsenal, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to deal with mosquito season.

These traps, sometimes called mosquito magnets, use moisture and warmth to lure mosquitos away from humans and trap them.

Mosquitos are practically single-minded about their goal to bite humans because the blood is necessary for their reproduction process. So propane mosquito traps mimic the conditions of the breath of humans and animals to attract them. These devices use the C02 (carbon dioxide) created from the propane tank to trick them into leaving us alone. Some models also use UV/LED light and other attractants with propane to distract and trap mosquitos.

They’re more effective than citronella candles and other insect repellant methods because rather than trying to keep the bugs at bay, which they can sometimes choose to ignore, these traps attract them — keeping them away from us.

It’s important to remember that propane use is perfectly safe in well-ventilated and outdoor areas, so there’s no need to worry about emissions. These traps are perfectly safe and discreet — there’s no odor and only a slight noise while in operation. (Remember, since they have such a wide range of effectiveness, you don’t have to place them right near you.)

Most brands of propane mosquito magnets and traps cover as much as half an acre of land or more and can catch thousands of mosquitos per night. In both area covered and the number of bugs attracted, the traps far outperform other interventions like mosquito candles, bug sprays, and electric mosquito zappers.

While these traps are more expensive than other methods, you can also use your propane mosquito trap for years rather than continually trying new citronella oil candles and sprays that don’t do the job.

These traps are great for time spent outdoors at home, allowing you to enjoy your backyard, pool, and outdoor kitchen without worry. Imagine how novel and impressive it is to inform guests that your backyard is a mosquito-free zone!

They’re also fantastic for outdoor venues and restaurants for the same reason. Most people would rather have dinner outdoors somewhere that can ensure mosquitos won’t bother you while you enjoy their meal.

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