Unusual Ways of Using Propane

You likely know some of the most common uses for propane, like its use for barbecue grills, patio heaters, or home heat.

(There are a ton more, of course — it can power all kinds of domestic appliances, from ovens and stoves to clothes dryers and fireplaces to business uses like forklifts and restaurant fuel!)

But there are even more uses for propane that you may be less aware of because they’re slightly off the beaten path — you might even say they’re weird ways to use propane.

But great things happen off of beaten paths.

People have turned to propane for perfectly safe and non-traditional uses because of the combination of efficiency and affordability that makes propane super versatile.

In addition to those attractive factors, it’s also environmentally friendly. When taking in the entire course of transportation, from production to making its way to a device, propane has a lower carbon output than electricity, often heralded as the solution to our climate crisis.

(In reality, a diverse energy plan that uses different fuel sources is one of the most likely ways forward.)

Plus, the low emissions of propane have immediate results. Studies have shown that children who ride in propane school buses perform better in school.

So what are some of the less usual ways to start using affordable, eco-friendly propane?

Sauna heaters

Saunas have become increasingly popular in recent years, becoming a new tool in many peoples’ arsenals as part of the wellness boom in America.

Saunas are heated rooms with seating areas that people enjoy because they promote sweating, which can feel cleansing. The heat is also heralded as a way to loosen tense muscles and encourage relaxation. They were only found in gym or spa settings for a long time, but more and more home models are on the market now.

Here’s where propane comes in and offers advantages:

There are several ways to bring a sauna into your home or business. One is a structure built into your building and connected to your gas line or electricity.

Another is a free-standing sauna that is less work to set up. You have the structure separate from the heater rather than being built together.

Propane sauna heaters warm up quickly and save money — cost isn’t wasted waiting for the heater to get to the desired temperature level.

And these are portable sauna heaters, which means you can set them up anywhere (provided there’s ventilation for safety). Portable propane
gas sauna heaters allow you to move your sauna anywhere on your current property — or wherever you may move.

Golf cart heaters

Regarding moving, golf carts are one of the handiest ways to get where you want to go quickly — on the course or off.

People with long driveways use golf carts to get their mail, and those with a lot of land on their property use them to visit different locations. You’ve also likely seen them used on movie sets in behind-the-scenes footage.

When it’s chilly outside, rolling out in the golf cart can create wind that will make you shiver even more — unless you have a propane golf cart heater.

Most models of propane-powered golf cart heaters are designed to fit in a standard cup holder and are attached to small, one-pound propane tanks! Because propane heats any device so quickly, these heaters provide instant relief to anyone riding in a golf cart in lower-than-ideal temperatures. (Your friend who’s always cold will probably really appreciate it.)

Living off the grid

There’s been an increasing interest in off-grid living in the last several years, meaning the ability to power your home without relying on utility companies. The old way to do this relied only on environmental energy sources like solar panels or wood-burning.

But technologically-minded folks have come to recognize that propane is an excellent resource for off-grid living that helps secure energetic independence without sacrificing comfort or leisure.

It can even make you money.

Paraco provides the propane Bo Malpass uses for his home off-the-grid. He uses it as a fuel source on its own and also uses a device called a co-generator to create electricity from propane. (Remember, we support a multi-pronged approach to energy efficiency!)

Malpass has found these methods so effective that his home is creating more energy using propane than it needs, allowing him to sell power back to the grid. He’s both staying off-grid and making money from it instead of being on the grid and paying them.

It’s pretty incredible. And it’s because of the efficiency of propane.

If you have questions about how propane can fit into your life, conventional or not, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction and help you get started.

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