Own a Propane-Powered Vacation Home in a High Snowfall Area? Follow These Tips in Case of Emergency

March 12, 2018 – ,

Own a Propane-Powered Vacation Home in a High Snowfall Area? Follow These Tips in Case of Emergency

If you own a propane-powered vacation or second home in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, you’ll need to have a plan in place in the event that a winter storm bears down on the area when you’re not around.

For your safety–and for the safety of others–make sure to do these four things before, during, and after winter weather arrives:

  1. Designate a caretaker : Arrange in advance for a responsible third party to care for your home in your absence during a severe weather event. A property management company or a snow removal service can keep an eye on your home heating system and appliances if you’re unable to be present in the aftermath of a storm.
  2. Map out your heating system : Show your caretaker the location of all tanks, pipes, regulators, and other parts of your propane system–including underground pipes, if there are any. It is a good idea to prepare a diagram of your property’s propane system and give copies to your caretaker, your homeowners’ association, your property management company, and any contractors who will work onsite.
  3. Make sure the propane delivery area is kept clear and accessible : Make it clear to your caretaker that maintaining access to propane equipment–including tanks and secondary pressure regulators–is critical after a severe weather event. Be sure they also know to care for areas leading up to your tank’s delivery point, including your driveway.
  4. Take a good hard look around when you return : When it comes time to visit your home, examine the propane system for evidence of damage from snow and ice. Be especially mindful of any rotten egg-smelling propane odor inside or outside the house, and know what to do if you smell propane.

Your safety is always our number one priority. For more severe weather tips and checklists, be sure to check out the Paraco Storm Center today.

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