How Automatic Propane Delivery Helps You

June 15, 2022 –

At Paraco, we like to offer our customers options when it comes to their propane delivery. Some customers choose to wait and call us when they need propane. But an increasing number of customers are now on our Automatic Delivery plan, which takes the guesswork out of propane refills.

Will-Call Customers

When customers choose a Will-Call contract, that means they will call us when they need propane. As long as customers give us ample time to make deliveries, this option is fine for a lot of people.

But Will-Call customers tend to run into issues during the winter months — and no one wants to be caught running out of propane.

The demand on our drivers increases dramatically during cold weather. When this happens, it puts them in a challenging position to handle unscheduled deliveries on top of their planned deliveries. Blizzard conditions and the travel obstacles that come with them may impact our ability to reach last-minute Will-Call customers.

This can lead to propane shortages for customers who didn’t call us early enough.

Will-Call customers choose to be responsible for calling us once their propane tank is low to prevent those situations. (For safety reasons, tank levels should never be below 30%.) These customers have to closely monitor their propane usage on their own to make sure they don’t run out.

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Automatic Delivery Customers

Automatic Delivery customers, however, are already covered in those situations.

Our system knows how big Automatic Delivery customers’ tanks are and what propane appliances they run. We also factor in the weather in their area over time. This data allows us to estimate the fullness of their tank.

These customers’ deliveries are automatically scheduled, so they’re never in danger of running low on propane.

The Benefits of Having the Tank Butler Service

We now offer fully monitored Tank Butler Service for even more peace of mind. This automatic wireless system is excellent, especially if your propane use changes from month to month or season to season. Automatic Delivery customers can view their gauge level online at any time at

If you’re interested in getting started with automatic delivery and the Tank Butler service, reach out to us. We’re happy to answer any questions and make fueling your home as easy as possible.

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