How Automatic Delivery Helps You

February 7, 2019 –

How Automatic Delivery Helps You

The most important thing our customers generally require from us is propane.

Some customers choose to wait and call us when they need propane. But an increasing number of customers are now on an automatic delivery plan.

What Does It Mean to Be Will-Call?

When customers choose a Will-Call contract, that means they will call us when they need propane – which usually works fine as long as customers give us time to make deliveries. For example, if we hit a cold snap like we did one year ago or even one month ago, our phones ring off the hook. All of our drivers, service technicians and support crew are at the ready, but these scenarios put us in a tough position to handle unscheduled deliveries in addition to our planned deliveries. Add blizzard conditions to the mix with obstacles like icy or closed roads, driveways, and blocked paths to customers’ tanks, and our ability to reach last-minute Will-Call customers may be impacted. This puts the responsibility on Will-Call customers to ensure calling us once their tanks get down to 30% regardless of the weather, and forecast their expenditures in planning for unforeseen or unexpected events and surprises from Mother Nature.

What Does It Mean to Be Automatic?

For automatic delivery customers, well, we have them covered. Our system knows how big their tank is, how large their home is, and sometimes, if the customer lets us know, even what appliances and equipment in their home run on propane. When we factor in the temperature in the area over time, we can accurately estimate how full their tank is. These customers are auto-scheduled so they’re never in danger of running low on propane.

What Are the Benefits of Having the Tank Butler Service?

For the ultimate in peace of mind, we now offer fully-monitored Tank Butler Service. This automatic, wireless system is great, especially if your propane use is unpredictable from month to month or season to season. You can view your gauge level online at any time!

We are always working to develop new ways to meet your needs, and we love to talk with our customers exploring the options that would be best for them.  Call our customer care team toll-free at 1-800-647-4427 and ask what other services and benefits are available to you.  You can also contact us via email at or live chat with us at

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