Exchanging City Life for the Suburbs? The Many Advantages of Propane to Fuel Your New Home

November 3, 2020 –

Moving from city to suburbs 3The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people able to flee their city dwellings to head for the suburbs; either to their second homes, to property rentals, or for permanent relocation.

If you’re considering a more lasting move from the city to the burbs, you’ll naturally account for the feasibility from career and financial standpoints. You’ll also be looking for a residence that provides you with the best in daily comforts like appliances and utilities. Unlike life in the city which supplies many residents with natural gas, most suburban and rural areas don’t. Instead, occupants’ fuel and energy options include oil, propane and/or electric.  Here we’ll address these options and the many advantages of propane over other fuel sources.

As a clean energy source, propane can fuel your indoors and outdoors too, providing homes across the country with reliable heat, hot water, cooking, drying, outdoor living, backup power and more.  Propane (liquefied petroleum gas – LPG) is one of the most versatile, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly fuel sources in the world and in abundant supply.  Propane is commonly used for home and space heat; water heating; cooking (ranges and ovens); fireplaces; outdoor living such as decorative lighting, pool heat, kitchens and grills, firepits and hearths; lawn mowers, greenhouses and standby generators.

Propane is an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act. Substituting propane for other fuels like gasoline and fuel oil is an economical and viable step toward cleaner air, reducing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and air pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

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Propane versus Oil & Electric. Stuff You’ll Prefer Propane For

Home Heat:  Oil and propane will always beat electric where home heat is concerned. Electric is simply inefficient and the most expensive, least comfortable heating option.  Oil boilers are large, dirty and messy beasts that require inconvenient and expensive maintenance. Oil efficiency itself is extremely low, especially in comparison to propane. These factors have resulted in surging popularity of oil-to-propane conversions, especially for Northeast consumers who want to reap all the benefits of increased comfort, efficiency, reliability, a reduction in energy costs and decreased carbon footprint.  Additionally, propane boilers offer space savings and the versatility of providing heating, hot water, and more – all in one unit. Get the most out of powering your home with propane by bundling your services and appliances!

Space Heat: Easily installed almost anywhere in a home, you can get space heating for any size floor plan from small residences to large custom homes. These units have best-in-class efficiency with ratings from 90 percent to 98 percent and with a smaller carbon footprint than most other systems, giving them a considerable advantage over electric or heating oil units.

Hot Water: If you already have a propane water heater, pat yourself on the back.  If not, you definitely want to read on.

Millions of people already enjoy the comforts of propane-powered appliances in their homes for cooking, home and space heating, and outdoor living.  Yet, some forget how propane powers water heaters too, which is sad because electric water heaters simply can’t deliver on the efficiency, emissions, and better comfort provided by a propane unit. Compact in size and equipped with leading features like electronic ignition and highly insulated tanks, Energy Star qualified propane storage tank water heaters offer superior value to comfort-seeking homeowners. They are a versatile, efficient, and reliable hot water solution with a wide range of capacities to meet any home’s demands. While they are more compact in size than electric units, they are not small on performance: A 40-gallon propane unit delivers the same amount of hot water as a 50-gallon electric unit.

Ranges & Ovens: Propane cooking equipment provides convenience, sharp design, and excellent performance in any kitchen. Attractive, stainless steel gas ranges combine a propane cooktop and oven perfect for space-challenged homeowners, all the way up to commercial-grade ranges, indoor or outdoor grills and cooktops, in-wall double ovens, and other gas cooking applications for luxurious custom kitchens. With gas cooking being the choice of professional chefs, it’s no wonder homeowners love the performance and precise temperature control offered in a vast array of propane cooking amenities.

Clothes Dryers: Propane clothes dryers offer homeowners an efficient, convenient, and environmentally-friendly laundry solution. Compared with electric dryers, propane units will dry clothes faster and relax wrinkles better due to hot air with more moisture. They also offer innovations such as moisture sensors to optimize drying time and save energy, drum lights to better see into the unit, and LCD control screens for greater ease of use. Offering a range of models and capacities, and with output levels generally much higher than electric dryers, propane dryers can still save about 20 percent annually on energy costs.

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Fireplaces & Hearths: Propane fireplaces offer homeowners true versatility. They can be installed indoors or out, are significantly more energy efficient; environmentally friendly; and are easier to install, use and clean than wood-burning models. Plus, an attractive real flame brings warmth and ambience to a living space, increasing its value and appeal to buyers. Many models can operate and continue to deliver heat during electrical power outages. Propane fireplaces offer efficiency ratings of over 90 percent, whereas wood-burning fireplaces are about 15 percent efficient. They also deliver five to six times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces.

Click on Stuff that Runs on Propane for more on how to put propane to work for you!  We also encourage you to check out the following informative links that offer helpful tips on moving out of, and into a propane-powered home.

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