Don’t Be Caught With An Empty Cylinder!

June 20, 2024 –

Hosting a houseful for a fun summer party and getting ready to make your to-do list? Before you find yourself with an empty cylinder and hungry guests, make sure filling or exchanging your propane cylinder is first on the list. Here’s where you can exchange your empty propane cylinder for a full one for your grill or pizza oven: exchange locations.

Not Just for Cooking
Your propane cylinder can do a lot more than power up the grill or pizza oven for your party. If you have an outdoor living space, cylinders or even a permanent propane tank, can fuel all your family gatherings:

  • Propane patio heaters can keep your outdoor space warm and inviting when it gets cooler, providing instant warmth.
  • Propane lighting such as lanterns and torches create a safe and inviting space that illuminates pathways, gathering areas, and cooking stations.
  • Keep the bugs away with propane-powered mosquito traps. These convenient traps attract and capture mosquitoes and other flying insects, helping to create a more enjoyable outdoor environment.

Heading out for some off-grid adventure this summer? Many RVs use power from propane cylinders or generators to power up kitchen appliances, TVs, fireplaces, and lights. Propane can run heaters for cooler nights and power AC units during warm, humid days. Even tent campers can utilize small cylinders for camp stoves, lanterns, and even coffee makers and coolers.

Don’t forget to fill up!
Don’t be caught off guard this summer with an empty cylinder. Check for propane levels now, and if you need to exchange your cylinder, Paraco’s got you covered with distribution facilities in eight states: NY, NJ, NH, RI, MA, VT, PA, and CT, as well as our extensive network of cylinder exchange partners.


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