The Strength of Our Sales Team

February 6, 2020

Like in team sports, the power of a good sales team required to drive our business speaks volumes. As the saying goes, “You are only as strong as your weakest link”. The ability to successfully communicate, work cohesively, and hold oneself to utmost accountability while balancing business pursuits and customers’ interests, both independently and with fellow employees is essential … and often challenging. Inspired by the desire to succeed, a solid Sales team encompasses professionals who possess integrity and strive to improve, not just individually, but for their group as a whole. In this edition of Paraco Pulse, we recognize outside sales rep Joe Intravaia for his commendable values and contributions to our Sales team.

Joe encompasses the full spectrum of balanced talents that make up a great sales rep. Charlie Buonincontri, Regional Sales Manager and Joe’s manager sheds some light on how Joe does it…

Joe motivates himself every day to go out and hunt for accounts. With a positive attitude, he eagerly learns and uses the best tools available. A diligent user of Salesforce which is a robust CRM solutions software tool, he can be even more effective; staying organized, connecting with, and tailoring his leads to prepare for his week’s productivity, also helping him track each lead and account throughout the process.

Though Joe is already well over 137% FYTD on his gross margin and at 115% in Gallons, he continues to push for additional business. Joe also supportively liaises with other departments. He has a good rapport and works effectively with the Logistics and Service managers, staying involved through each customer sale to final set up, ensuring all accounts have been smoothly set up. Skilled at cultivating powerful relationships, he is able to close deals and keep them.

Last but definitely not least, Joe puts our company first. He helps to resolve everything from price to billing issues on Paraco accounts and he does this enthusiastically while always willing to learn better and additional negotiation methods. A trusted employee, Joe will not only do what is right for himself, but for Paraco and for others too.