Ryan George Celebrates his 10-Year Milestone Anniversary!

September 30, 2023

Today, September 30, 2023, we are thrilled to help Ryan celebrate his 10-year work anniversary!

Ryan is Field Safety Inspector reporting to Nathan Sinclair, Senior Director – Fleet, Safety & Transport.  It is Ryan’s job to ensure adherence to safety and operations by inspecting all our facilities on an ongoing basis, making sure they follow all OSHA standards, are in safety and procedure compliance with Federal, State and local safety regulations, and meet company safety-related policies and procedures. Key aspects of this mean auditing trucks, equipment, and site PPE; conducting site visits; reviewing facility records; and identifying deficiencies and establishing corrective actions. He also conducts install inspections of propane piping activities including excavation, the actual installation, and backfill/restoration.

With much gratitude for Ryan, Nathan shared that “Ryan’s flexibility, experience, and dedication provide a unique insight into the safety of our ground operations. Congratulations Ryan!  Thank you for keeping us on track and moving.”

Ryan, we congratulate you on achieving ten amazing years of service. Our organization depends on

 your dedication to your job and the quality work you do.

Thank you & Happy 10th Anniversary!