Employee Spotlight – September 2021

September 1, 2021

Employee Spotlight: A Super-Star Team with Unbeatable Dedication, Making a Difference & Going Extra Miles

Ed Tineo and Pat Saramba are two of our great motor fuel, bulk and BBQ drivers who support our South Plainfield, NJ location and report to Joe Massa, Area Operations Manager.  Joe, who nominated Ed and Pat to this month’s Spotlight, highlighted the fact that Ed and Pat were two of the very first employees to come on board as Paraco prepared to open the location!  They helped get things rolling back then, and they continue to do so today.

The New Jersey plant is a big deal. It has tons of volume running through it and lots of customers to serve.  Enter Ed and Pat to meet the daily challenges.  Star performers, Ed and Pat are driven to make things work.  Dedicated to the team, they ensure customers stay fueled, train new employees, help maintain the yard, assist the dock with filling tanks, loading and unloading trucks, and doing just about anything else needed to make sure things run smoothly.

Here’s a little more about these two amazing employees …

Ed Tineo

In addition to his regular responsibilities, Ed is also the liaison employee supporting union and employee communications.  Ed is known for having excellent communications skills, a talent which he puts to use in Union interactions.  Wanting to express how grateful he is to have Ed on the team, Joe said, “Ed is a great communicator, and always willing to go above and beyond what is needed.  On top of everything else, he’ll take on extra calls to satisfy OOG (out of gas) customers.  It’s hard to list everything he does for the team.  Ed is a shining star and we are lucky to have such a dedicated and loyal employee on our team”.

Lindsey Stansfield, Director of Marketing & Communication, says about Ed, “I have seen Ed in action many times, and he’s impressive.  He’s a great communicator and team player. Not only does he get his regular job done, but he supports the team as the ‘shop steward’ on the union front and is super with the customers”.



Pat Saramba

Joe described Pat as an outgoing and communicative person who is passionate about his job and serious about taking care of the customers.  Pat is known for always going above and beyond his daily tasks. He’ll take extra calls to help OOG (out of gas) customers, and he never hesitates to jump in and get his hands dirty.  Joe also said “Pat works every Saturday to ensure operations are on track for the upcoming week, stays to help the night guys on the dock, stays in the morning to help other drivers, and more.  The bottom line is Pat is an outstanding employee.  He’s an amazing guy and I’m so grateful that he’s part of my team”.

Lindsey Stansfield, Director of Marketing & Communication, frequents the South Plainfield facility and has gotten to know Pat and watch him at work.  She says, “Pat is a true team player who sincerely wants to do good for the customers and his team.  He is methodical, works hard, and eagerly helps out anyone in need while also getting his regular job done.  To say Pat is passionate is an understatement”.