Employee Spotlight – May 2021

May 3, 2021

Two Champions in Commitment, Accountability & Integrity

Dave Latourell | Leading Safety, Training and Responsibility with Integrity, Loyalty & Compassion

Every Paraco employee knows Dave, our Director of Safety and Transportation who reports to Jeff Ruffner, Executive Vice President of Operations.  This is because Dave leads the all-important safety and OSHA training modules and initiatives required of our business and industry.  Along with directing and overseeing the safety and compliance measures for Paraco, developing policies to make us a safer organization, in 2019 Dave took on the additional responsibility of overseeing our Fleet, closely working with the General Managers on meeting Paraco’s Fleet objectives.

We can see how Dave stands out as an exemplary individual from Jeff’s description, “Even though the roll of Safety Director is to physically respond to serious accidents and injuries immediately, Dave takes charge on other levels, working with many federal and state organizations along with the fire departments throughout our territory to assure Paraco’s image is upheld.  Dave himself is a volunteer fire fighter of Terryville.”

Dave has been an instrumental partner to the Marketing Department.  Always willing and receptive to assisting the team, he helps relay pertinent, timely and valuable safety information which we share with our customers through Paraco’s social media channels.

Christina Armentano, Executive Vice President says about Dave, “Dave is a true professional who manages the Safety Department at Paraco with knowledge, integrity and compassion. He is well known within the industry for his expertise, and also for his willingness to help other propane companies during emergency situations. Dave has always shown an unprecedented level of commitment to his trade and to Paraco”.

Jaime Ocasio | Leading with Accountability and Character

Jaime works out of our Waterbury, CT facility as Department Lead Residential Refurbisher. He reports to Angel Pagan, Production Manager, who also nominated Jaime to our May Employee Spotlight.

Jaime has been in the propane industry 4 years, starting his career at Paraco as a line worker. His admirable work ethic and can-do attitude has awarded him with several promotions over his tenure, where he is now tasked with overseeing our residential refurbishing department supplying refurbished containers to our 16 service depots in the Northeast.

Angel says Jaime’s key achievements in the industry were clear from the very start of his career, stating “Jaime has proven his merit time and again, helping to grow the department from doing 15% of Paraco’s tank refurbishing needs up to 50% today”.  Angel further attested to Jaime’s incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft which allows him to handle the increased demand seamlessly.

Jaime has the reputation of eagerly taking on challenges and never shying away from rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty. A key leader at our central refurbishing and distribution facility, Jaime works to grow his department. He takes responsibility for general plant organization, house transportation loading and coordination, and manages our hub and spoke supply warehouse system.

Angel concluded with, “Jaime’s admirable work ethic not only benefits his path to success, but the propane industry as well.”