Employee Spotlight – May 2020

May 7, 2020


Daniel Guglielmo | Exemplary Workforce Manager and Work Force Role Model

Daniel Guglielmo, Workforce Manager, is part of the Customer Experience team and reports to Angela Hayes, Director of Customer Experience & Inside Sales.  Dan’s demanding schedule includes essential forecasting of our Customer Experience team phone volumes, providing us with the proper staffing and scheduling to meet those needs and goals, and working closely with the customer experience and inside sales reps, ensuring adherence to the appropriated schedules.  With a sharp eye honed on potential weaknesses in our standards and guidelines, he reviews all call data in search of any anomalies that might hinder our ability to service our customers, also looking into any failures within the system that need to be addressed.  Dan also schedules all customer experience team training and review sessions, assuring they are scheduled and performed during times that will not negatively impact the team’s ability to respond to customer calls.  Always willing to help drive our company to greatness, Dan is also a welcomed support to the Mt. Vernon, NY and South Plainfield, NY facilities, driving BBQ routes for them on weekends as needed.

When asked what makes Dan an exemplary employee, Angela responded, “Dan possesses an impressive work ethic, always willing to lend a hand to whomever needs it.  He is forward thinking and consistently looks for ways we can make improvements to current processes and gain efficiencies; he always looks ahead to anticipate what could come up so that we are prepared.  Dan has a great rapport with the CEAS management team as well as the reps and is very well liked amongst his peers.  Dan is a huge asset to our team and I am truly thankful he is a part of it!”

Supporting Angela’s sentiments, Frank Carlone, Area Manager, adds “Dan has worked in Mt Vernon since he was 16 — about 10 years ago as summer help. Dan started out cleaning up the yard and assisting other yard men. I could not help noticing how quickly he picked up on things, how hard he worked, and always doing a great job. I moved Dan to washing, filling and sleeving BBQ tanks for our Grill cylinder business, then trained him on how to use the forklift to load the BBQ trucks. Every summer Dan would come back to work, easily picking up where he left off. One summer, Dan came back to work and showed me he passed the written test to obtain his CDL license.  He asked for my assistance in prepping for the road test part of obtaining his license and I was happy to help. He passed his road test and obtained the Hazmat endorsement needed to drive for Paraco. I scheduled Dan for training with our drivers for the rest of the summer. While still in college, Dan wanted to work full time driving, so I worked out a schedule with him and for a few years, he worked in Mt Vernon as a driver. Wanting to further his career at Paraco, Dan took a position in our corporate office as a manager for our customer service department. Dan still continues to work in Mt Vernon driving on the weekends. Very hardworking and dedicated to his work, Dan will be successful in anything he takes on.”

Wilson Carrera | Where Quality Deliveries & Community Safety are at Their Finest

Wilson Carrera, Driver for our South Plainfield, NJ facility, carries quite a load – not only making BBQ and motor fuel deliveries for our organization, but also as a full time first responder for the Jersey City Fire Department.  Wilson’s direct report, Joe Massa, Area Operations Manager, has utmost confidence in Wilson’s ability to successfully jump into any task in support of the facility.  Joe says Wilson isn’t only a trusted and loyal employee who always makes timely deliveries and with a professional attitude toward our customers, but confidently adds “Wilson can cover any position that needs filling, be it handling office and administrative tasks, or setting up new customers.”

Michael Saez, Office Administrator, adds “I have had the pleasure of working with Wilson for over two years now and am consistently impressed with his positive attitude, motivation and productivity. He has demonstrated his ability to do it all and be a team player. He is one of those exemplary employees that can place an order on the phone, make the delivery himself, then complete the billing transactions when he gets back. I am particularly impressed with the fact that Wilson is also a first responder.  That alone just demonstrates what a top-notch and giving individual he is.”