Employee Spotlight – March 2022

March 1, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Superior Performance & Service


Jackie Romano | Service with Excellence

Jackie is Shirley, NY’s Service Office Manager, reporting to Angela Hayes, Director of Customer Experience.

Jackie has been with Paraco for nearly 20 years, starting in the Smithtown facility under Mary Spero and Tony Silio; and has worked in many roles throughout the Operations umbrella. Jackie’s responsibilities and talents are numerous.  Managing Billers, Dispatch and Office staff, Jackie is an exceptional coach, motivator, facilitator and leader who drives results while fostering a customer-first culture.  Instilling a culture of genuine respect, understanding and collaboration, Jackie is empathetic and engaging, while ensuring our business needs and objects are met in a timely manner.  Integral to providing an outstanding customer experience, Jackie provides hands-on leadership to the area’s service representatives.

Detailing everything Jackie does would take pages. But key elements of her valued contributions include providing mentorship to make sure our service representatives always provide effective resolution, addressing escalated call issues and fostering a customer-first culture.  Jackie also handles interviewing, on-boarding, training and coaching to build a solid, collaborative team environment.  Jackie’s solid set of technology skills parallels her passion for driving results, strong work ethic, and exceptional communications skills.

Angela says about Jackie, “I’ve worked indirectly with Jackie since I started here in 2010 and I’ve often leaned on her for advice throughout the years, trusting her knowledge and experience.  I appreciate Jackie’s dedication to Paraco, our customers and to the team she leads; and can trust that she always wants to do what is in the best interest for everyone.  I am very excited that after all this time I now get to work directly with Jackie!!”

Chuck our Operations Specialist, works the Shirley, NY facility and has known Jackie for many years.  He says about her, “Jackie is a great person; she’s very company-oriented, looks out for everyone, very professional, loyal and dedicated.  I liaise with Jackie frequently on cooker package permits.  After these permits go through processing, the accounts end up in Jackie’s department for scheduling.  With Jackie, things run without a hitch.  You can rely on Jackie and she’s an awesome person to work with.”


Melissa Thorne | Exceptional Service & Work Ethic

Melissa is a Service Representative supporting our Shirley, NY office. Reporting to Jackie Romano, Service Office Manager, Melissa makes “Service” a top priority, providing optimal support to the area’s customers efficiently and effectively.  Melissa’s busy day includes responding to customer inquiries, handling billing questions and scheduling appointments.  She supports the Service and Logistics teams resolve customer issues by assessing situations, determining the best course of action, then fielding them out to the appropriate team member.

Considered a quick and bright learner, Melissa has earned the reputation of being a super team player with an exemplary work ethic and strong communications skills.  According to Jackie, Melissa was pretty quiet when she first came on board.  Jackie told us “When I first interviewed Melissa, she didn’t say much. But the little she did say, I knew she’d be a good fit for my service department.”  Jackie also was proud to say how Melissa has flourished in the service department, sharing “Melissa is the head Long Island Biller.  Not only does she bill, but she handles a lot of projects for me.  And just a few months ago, I started training Melissa on scheduling installations.”

Bob Pearce, General Manager Long Island, nominated Melissa to this Spotlight and expressed how “Melissa has grown into a critical role within the Long Island Service Department.  She is smart, quick and well versed in all functions within the department.  Jackie relies on Melissa and has been giving her more responsibilities and delegating crucial duties. Melissa has a bright future not only within the department, but in Paraco as a company.”