Employee Spotlight – August 2021

August 2, 2021

Accounting with Strong Leadership, Planning & People Skills


Gary Ferrari | A Driving Force Adding Value & Solid Planning Skills

Gary is an Accounting Manager who reports to Maryse Jean-Pierre, Controller and works in our Corporate office.  In his role, Gary is responsible for three critical Accounting functions including in-depth General Ledger Month End Close analyses and reporting; the directing and training of junior staff, and spearheading special projects aimed at streamlining our accounting processes.

Gary was nominated to this month’s Spotlight by Maryse, and for several great reasons.  Foremost because of how he drives many integral streamlining initiatives that help the Accounting/Finance team achieve “its primary goal of a value-added culture”.   Always able to look at issues and processes with “fresh eyes”, Maryse says Gary “excels at creating new templates to absorb more streamlined and scalable processes.  The backbone of many automated projects, he is an invaluable member of our team”.

Kevin Watson, Chief Financial Officer, says “Gary has consistently demonstrated his ability to step up to challenges, such as making sure he performed a complete due diligence under a tight timeframe for the acquisition of Advantage Propane as well as supporting all aspects of our year-end audit. He works diligently in order to meet the objectives within the Accounting department, while at the same time training and mentoring others within the accounting group and throughout the organization. He’s truly deserving of this recognition and I’m looking forward to his continued growth and leadership, while serving in this critical role for Paraco.”

Judy Barrero | Quality Accounting with Strong Leadership, Communications & Management

Judy works out of our Corporate office as an Accounting Manager and reports to Maryse Jean-Pierre, Controller.  Three key responsibilities of Judy’s include General Ledger Month End Close which entails in-depth account analyses and reporting; leading special streamlining projects; and directing and training junior staff.  Judy is known for stretching herself out, always ready and willing to assist her team with their workload during month end close so the department maintains its calendar and can issue the financials in a timely manner. She does all this while effectively supporting her managers and completing her own tasks.

Maryse, who nominated Judy to this month’s Spotlight says Judy stands out as a great role model on all fronts and that “Judy’s commitment to the Accounting/Finance team and its objectives is unparalleled.  Embracing our company’s culture of value creation, she consistently demonstrates the flexibility and diligence to successfully accomplish the department’s goals”.

Kevin Watson, Chief Financial Officer says of Judy, “Since joining Paraco back in February 2019, Judy has been an invaluable asset to the Company. Her attention to detail and commitment to making sure our accounting reporting is timely and accurate, as well as to implement continued improvements and automation throughout the function, warrants this important recognition. I am looking forward to her continued growth and playing a key role in leading Paraco’s Accounting function to a ‘best in class’ organization.”