Celebrating Penny Paquin on her 10-Year Milestone Anniversary!

February 11, 2023

On this February 11, 2023, we wish Penny a very happy anniversary!  Penny, NE Logistics Coordinator, is a front line employee to the Logistics Department. Penny works from our Saugerties, NY facility and reports to Bill Petratos, Director of Logistics. It is Penny’s job to provide live, real-time delivery and dispatch operations through sound, logical decisions.  Her advanced geographic knowledge is essential, coupled with keen prioritization skills that help reduce drops/missed stops and control delivery exceptions without any risk to customers, employees or the general public.  Penny ensures customer satisfaction in providing appropriate propane deliveries so that the entire region’s delivery frequency is timely.  Essential to Penny’s role are being able to address any issues or concerns surrounding safety, which is a top priority, while forecasting accurately – all which she handles successfully.


Congratulations Penny on achieving 10 years of incredible service in our Paraco family.

We thank you for your years of service and steadfast dedication.

 Happy 10th Anniversary!