Celebrating Marilou Desetto’s 10-Year Milestone Anniversary!

October 14, 2023

Today, October 14, 2023, is Marilou’s 10-year work anniversary and we’re delighted to celebrate this milestone with her!

Marilou works out of our Shirley, NY office and reports to Ben Modeen, Director of Sales.  As MiMo Administrator, Marilou provides critical data and process reports to our Sales, Service, Finance and Customer Service teams, coordinating efforts to help new residents get set up for safe and efficient delivery at their new homes.  Marilou plays a key role in tracking Move Outs and the signing up of Move Ins. She reviews account information to make several points of contact with new customers to ensure they can easily set up their new service. She also reviews account information, ensuring the data is accurate, processes account refunds for prior residents, and provides critical support in terminations; including advising the service departments when a tank needs to be locked or picked up and returned to inventory.

Ben expressed gratitude for all Marilou does, telling us “Marilou has worked for me for the last 5 years and has been a pleasure since day one. I will never forget walking in to our Bohemia location around Thanksgiving and seeing her workstation decorated from top to bottom. I find it admirable how for every season, occasion and holiday, she is able to make her shared office space feel like home. Marilou has proven to be a hardworking, thoughtful and dedicated employee to Paraco. We are lucky to have her for 10 years and hopefully for several more.”

Congratulations on a decade of great work, Marilou! 

We are so grateful for all your contributions.

Happy 10th Anniversary!