Celebrating Lyman Phillips’s 30-Year Milestone Anniversary!

December 22, 2022

Today, December 22, 2022 is a special day of celebration, as our very own Lyman Phillips, better known as “Phil”, celebrates an incredible 30 years in our Paraco family.  Phil is a Service Technician supporting our Shirley, NY area and reports to Jimmy Leach, Regional Area Manager.  Throughout his 3 decades at Paraco, Phil has solidly proven his steadfast loyalty and commitment to Paraco, his team, and to our customers.  His strong work ethic and professional attitude are immense contributions Phil makes every single day on the job.  Without a glitch or hitch, Phil provides our customers with service excellence; addressing the maintenance, installation and removal of customer LP gas appliances and tanks.  Additionally, his knowledge and skill at performing equipment diagnostics and operational checks, safety checks, addressing gas odor calls, handling tank and meter lockouts, and more; all while adhering to strict industry safety standards are invaluable.

Jimmy and Jackie Romano, Service Office Manager, have worked closely with Phil for many years.  The following words of praise from them and from our CEO, Joe Armentano, speak volumes about Phil’s work ethic, values and importance in our organization:

Jimmy Leach: “I can’t say enough good things about Phil. Phil has been such a great part of our team.  He has been in the industry for a long time and his knowledge, loyalty, commitment and dedication are invaluable.  He is always there to offer help and support; and the fact that other techs can call him for troubleshooting advice can’t be understated.  He works through injuries, illness, and has even changed scheduled days off to accommodate the department when needed.  For these reasons and more, I believe Phil is a most valued employee.  Phil, congratulations on this 30-year anniversary and thank you for everything you’ve done for the team and the organization as a whole throughout the years.”

Jackie Romano, Service Office Manager had thoughtful words of praise for Phil adding, “Phil worked for Suburban Propane. When Paraco took over, their employees went out on strike. Phil was one of those men walking the line in front of the Smithtown location.  Eventually, the union workers were gone and Paraco rehired some of them — Phil was one of those rehires.  Since then, Phil has been a dedicated worker and the most dedicated employee I know.  I wish everyone could be like Phil!  He comes to work in the rain, snow or a 100-degree day.  He puts many to shame.  He is always there to offer his knowledge of the business to anyone. Many of the techs look out for Phil. I remember one day Phil did not come to work on time, and immediately the other techs were saying ‘Where’s Phil?’ because everyone knows it’s unusual for Phil to be late or not come in.  Phil is a kind, caring and genuinely sincere person.”

Joe Armentano, CEO also shared, “Lyman Phillips has been a big part of Paraco’s history on Long Island. His dedication to servicing our customers, support of the growth in our family business, and his mentoring of our employees are legendary. Phil is the ultimate professional and team player. It’s been our honor to have him as part of the Paraco family and team. A sincere thank you for such a great 30 years of service.”

Phil, you have completed three decades of amazing service as an esteemed employee, and we are gratified and privileged to have you as part of our organization.  Thank you for staying with us all these years, and once again, Happy 30th Anniversary!