Celebrating Elizabeth Almonte’s 10-Year Milestone Anniversary!

August 22, 2023

Today, August 22, 2023 is Elizabeth’s (Liz’s) 10-year anniversary milestone and we’re thrilled to help her celebrate this great day!

Liz is Paraco’s Safety and Transportation Associate and an important member of the Safety and Transportation Department headed by Dave Latourell, Director of Regulatory Compliance.  Liz has many responsibilities and is quite the multitasker.  She manages the administration and compliance requirements for the multiple agencies our organization interacts with, such as DOT Driver files, OSHA Injury Reporting, and the numerous DOT registrations.  Liz is our centralized resource for regulatory, compliance and safety functions supporting Operations across the entire company. She plays a fundamental role in organizing and maintaining Paraco’s safety training, and helps develop policies and procedures along with a multitude of safety and compliance initiatives that ensure Paraco maintains Safety Front and Center.

Over this past decade, Liz has evolved with the complex and ever-changing environment of regulatory compliance, developing key relationships within the company to assist others accomplish all Safety initiatives and objectives.

With utmost praise for Liz, Dave told us “We would be lost without the care and attention that Elizabeth brings to her work. I congratulate her on this milestone and give a big thanks for all her support.”

Liz, we are delighted and proud to have you as part of our team and congratulate you on this anniversary milestone. All the best to you and the contributions we know you will make in the upcoming years.

Happy 10th Anniversary!