Fueling Appliances

Comfort and Efficiency in Your Home

Your everyday appliances like stoves, oven ranges, clothes dryers and water heaters are not just machines. They are necessary tools that keep your household running smoothly. When you choose to power your appliances with propane, you welcome the best in energy efficiency, low emissions, low maintenance and low cost into your home – all conveniently using one single fuel source. It’s the smart way to heat your home and run appliances without sacrificing on comfort.

Heating Your Home with Propane

Water Heaters

A high-efficiency propane water heater saves you up to 16% in annual energy costs compared with electric models. Enjoy endless hot water and even lower energy bills.

Cooking Ranges

It’s easy to make happy family dinners happen with propane powering your mealtime. Propane provides better temperature control and quicker, more even cooking.

Clothes Dryers

Doing laundry may not be your favorite task, but a propane-powered dryer works faster, costs less to operate and produces less static cling than an electric dryer.

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