Building and Construction

Propane for Your Next
Construction Project

Contractors, engineers, architects and business owners alike can create the most efficient, low-cost building with clean, green propane. We at Paraco will help you decide if propane is right for your next project. Not only will we supply the propane, but we’ll also bring our in-depth knowledge of your local codes, and provide assistance with the installation too.

There are so many reasons to use propane. It’s versatile and easy to incorporate into a construction project. With propane, you don’t have to rely solely on public utility. Propane offers the option of above ground or underground storage tanks, making it easy for propane professionals to install and connect building systems and other applications. Propane also provides job site flexibility, providing gas energy for portable generators and temporary construction heaters.

The Benefits of Building with Propane

Efficient and Versatile

Propane gives you the best with high-efficiency, low-emission amenities in your construction, including space heating, water heating, backup generators and more. Plus, you can save up to 50% on energy costs (compared to electric).

Comfort and Warmth

Propane is a smart option for both indoor and outdoor uses. Propane furnaces heat air to a higher temperature than electric heat pumps, making it easier to heat and maintain that temperature.

Temporary Heat

Looking for temporary heating for your next project? Don’t let cold weather get you down! Our experts will deliver, install, service, and remove propane systems or space heaters safely so you can keep working in any weather.