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June 25, 2020 – ,

Propane service technicians are qualified, hands-on professionals responsible for everything propane, from setting tanks and running lines, to installing and fine-tuning propane appliances and equipment.  Working alongside customers and professionals from other industries alike, they are the go-to experts in handling tools and technology, and have undergone in-depth propane, OSHA, and manufacturer training to ensure that everything is done correctly and safely, and in accordance with federal, state, and local codes.

A pool heater is a complex system and part of your pool’s maintenance. Critical to its longevity and reliable performance, it’s important to think “propane service technician” and not neighborhood “handyman” or friendly “pool guy”.  Here are some really important reasons why.

  • Massive systems with high btu outputs, pool heaters are commonly listed at around 400,000 btu/hour which is around 4 to 5 times more than a typical residential furnace. Experienced propane technicians work on all types of propane appliances every day. Therefore, they understand the workings of propane pool heaters best, and are the most capable for inspecting and cleaning your pool heater; scouring the heat exchanger with high pressure air or nitrogen, wire brushing the burner tubes, testing the safety systems, and fine tuning the propane output from the regulator.  Unlike propane service technicians, a pool maintenance company most often hires seasonal pool cleaning employees who are commonly tasked with adding the right amount of additives and cleaning out debris like rodents and leaves from your pool water.
  • Propane service technicians have obtained the appropriate knowledge and are prepared with the necessary materials. Not only are they fully equipped with the proper tools, meters and gauges needed to test your pool heater’s functionality and safety, but they possess the everyday experience and working knowledge dealing with propane supply pressures, propane leak issues, and theory of your propane appliance.
  • Vigorous training and certifications. Propane service techs attend mandatory annual and ongoing courses related to propane appliances and are fully educated on the plethora of safety imperatives, not only of the heater, but of the entire gas piping system to the heater.  With their training, education and experience, they have amassed a wide breadth of knowledge along with essential, everyday instincts of safety that your regular pool guy would not be adequately trained on.

Only a professional propane service technician is qualified to safely perform a thorough inspection and maintenance of propane pool heaters to ensure these powerful and robust systems operate at both their optimum energy and performance efficiencies.

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