Wishing You Peace Through the Holidays and Always!

December 21, 2020 –

Winter celebrations and traditions may differ from home to home, and town to town. And with this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, things have changed even more. However, some commonalities remain the same … the welcoming into a new year, a warming light in the middle of winter, and a reason to celebrate good tidings.

From our family to yours, we wish you the best throughout the winter season.  Here’s a little informational “stocking stuffer” to help you conserve energy while staying warm and comfy.

  • Setting your programmable thermostat to as low as is comfortable (possibly a few degrees cooler at night or when nobody is home) is an easy way to save energy and keep some extra cash in hand. Close off rooms that are not being used or do not need to be heated.
  • If safe to do so, clear snow and ice away from outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues to prevent blocking of any ventilation.

This is also an important time of year to maintain regular contact with us, especially if you are not on automatic delivery; giving us both ample time to arrange a refill well before chancing any service interruption.

Paraco, fueling your every day.

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