Why Work in the Propane Industry?

May 18, 2021 – ,

When people hear the word “propane” they often think of grilling, heat, “gas” or simply, a propane tank.  But there’s a whole lot more to propane, including rewarding careers.  Working in the propane industry is something you can be proud of.  There are many great jobs in propane that can offer many exciting and rewarding paths, competitive pay and advancements.

Demand for propane is growing and so are the number of full time and part time job openings from coast to coast.

Great propane careers range from entry level up through executive roles. Some of the many positions include working in Human Resources, Operations, Supply Management, area and regional management, administrative support, credit and collections, and customer service representatives. There are also service technicians who set tanks and perform an array of propane services, propane transport drivers, delivery drivers and more.

Most job seekers want a career that has purpose and makes a positive impact in the world. Propane can offer so much from that standpoint. It’s a great energy source that plays a vital role in today’s world and its future.

Many people who work in the propane industry feel like they’re making a difference and playing a significant and meaningful role. This couldn’t be more true especially with today’s global climate challenges.

From America’s farms, to school bus fleets, to homes and businesses across the country, propane helps users reduce their emissions and save money.  Propane’s positive impact touches many markets like agriculture, residential, commercial construction, fleet vehicles, material handling, landscaping, school transportation and more. As such, propane plays an important part of America’s energy mix. A clean and powerful fuel, propane will continue to play an integral role well into the future.

A career in the propane industry means being involved in your community and protecting the environment while building a solid career that makes a difference.

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