What Is Chemtane? Everything You Need to Know

February 14, 2023 – ,

You have probably heard of most of the “-ane” gasses, such as propane and methane. You may even be familiar with the widely-used cutting gas acetylene, which is used to fuel torches and other heat-based cutting instruments.

There is another type of gas you need to know about — a revolutionary fuel known as Chemtane. We guarantee you can impress your coworkers around the water cooler once you learn all Chemtane has to offer.

You would be right if you think “Chemtane” sounds like another chemical used for industrial applications, especially given its name. Still, it is also an environmentally friendly, clean-burning fuel gas that can be used for heating purposes. It also burns efficiently, meaning it might even be able to lower your heating bill in the future.

If we’ve piqued your interest, we invite you to join us as we take a closer look at Chemtane.

What Is Chemtane?
Chemtane is a chemically-enhanced cutting fuel that produces a hotter flame than propane, natural gas, methane, or acetylene. However, it also has low reactivity, meaning it is safer than acetylene, and in terms of safety and cleanliness, it is similar to propane.

Chemtane is also stable in both liquid and gaseous states. For comparison, acetylene is unstable in both states, meaning Chemtane is much safer to transport and use for heating or as a cutting fuel.

Understanding the Need for Chemtane
According to the World Economic Forum, the cost of heating a US home rose between 27 and 28% from 2021 to 2022, marking an incredibly steep increase in just 12 months. Although the costs of residential heating fuels have dropped slightly since their November 2022 peak, prices remain at historically high levels.

These rate increases are putting a strain on households and businesses across the nation, especially those that live in particularly frigid areas or weld for a living, but fortunately, Chemtane has the potential to help alleviate such added costs. That said, though, it has yet to be produced enough in large enough quantities for widespread home heating usage.

What Industries Use Chemtane?
Chemtane is primarily used in the industrial sector as a cutting gas, as it reduces cutting-related fuel costs by 50% and facilitates high cutting speeds. As a result, Chemtane allows industrial businesses to decrease their labor expenses and boost productivity.

Chemtane is also a viable home heating solution. When used for this purpose, it would be stored in a bulk fuel tank outside of a home, which would then be connected to the home’s gas pipe network and feed Chemtane fuel gas to its appliances, such as its range and boiler.

Benefits of Chemtane
Chemtane offers many benefits, including the following:

  • Hotter burns than propane or natural gasses
  • Greater stability over acetylene
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to store and transport

Finding Affordable Chemtane and Propane
Paraco Gas is now offering Chemtane as an alternative to acetylene for welding companies within the service footprint.

If you need portable propane tanks, the Paraco Gas tank exchange and pump station locator is the easiest way to find a location near you. In addition, Paraco Gas provides numerous other propane-related services, including residential bulk fuel tank installation, tank refills, and propane-powered appliance installation.

Chemtane is a versatile gas that has made a significant impact on the industrial space by reducing companies’ cutting costs and improving productivity by speeding up their cutting processes. Understanding the benefits can allow you to decide if it’s an ideal solution to adopt.

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