What Good Customer Service Means to Paraco Employees

October 8, 2021 –

It’s the final day of National Customer Service Week, so we wanted to know: what does “customer service” mean to the fantastic people in our company who provide it?

Their answers were heartening, encouraging reminders of the positive impact each of us can make in the days of other people.

We hope you read them and feel as inspired as we do!

“Making sure our customers feel heard, respected and valued after every single interaction regardless of the outcome.”

– Angela Hayes, Director Customer Experience

“Good Customer Service is a sincere desire to help solve problems, provide needed support and offer creative solutions all while ensuring every caller has a positive interaction.”

– Rachel Pink, Customer Experience Manager

“For me, customer service means no matter how big or small the customer’s request is, we always go above and beyond to help them.”

– Laura S, Customer Experience Trainer

“Assisting our customer with the best possible customer experience we can offer and making them feel they are a valued customer.”

– Linda V, Escalation Team Member

“Customer service means to me going above and beyond to satisfy the customer with a positive attitude.”

– Christine G, Customer Experience Team Member

“For me being a good customer service representative is knowing how to empathize with the customer, giving your best to solve their concerns, and putting a smile on their faces. Because when they are happy, we feel happy, too.”

– Lariza L, Customer Experience Team Member

“For me customer service is like an adventure, talking to different people all day, solving their problem and helping them with what they need, every time the phone rings you will wonder what will be the call all about, it is fun, I really love it when I share some laugh with the customer, thanks for the opportunity and thanks for having me here.”

– Jean R, Customer Experience Team Member

“I think Customer Service means providing timely and attentive service to a customer and making sure their needs are met.”

– Giolvi P, Customer Experience Representative

“To me, Customer Service means going the extra mile to make sure the customer feels he’s valued, and his concern is also ours.”

–Darlene C, Customer Experience Team Member

“Customer Service to me means being a team player and a spokesperson for our customer. Customer service also means a lot of listening and guidance. I honestly love customer service and connecting with people on a daily basis”.

– Jacklyn C, Escalation Team Member

“Listening and letting the customer know that their business with us is our top priority, and we are here to give them the service they deserve.”

– Linda P. Customer Experience Team Member

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