Top Winter Safety Tips

December 15, 2020 –

Top Winter Safety Tips

Frigid temperatures and extreme snowfalls can be unwelcomed challenges.  Planning ahead is the best way to keep yourself and loved ones safe.  And with propane at your side, there’s one less thing to worry about. Here are some winter preparedness and safety tips to help you safely beat the cold before, during and after a storm.

  1. Make a list of emergency phone numbers that are easily accessed which should include your local police and fire department, and Paraco Gas 800.647.4427.
  2. Check your propane tank regularly, making sure there’s an adequate supply of propane to safeguard against running out of propane during and after a winter storm, and use energy wisely.
  3. Especially important for WILL CALL customers, once your tank is down to 30% – 35%, please log onto the My Account portal ( to schedule a delivery or call 800.647.4427. Remember, even if you call today, it may take a few days for your fuel to be delivered after your order is placed, which is why it’s important to give ample time for delivery.
  4. Mark your propane tank with a flag, pole, or other object for easy identification; keep the path to your propane tank clear. Clear snow and ice around your propane tank, including regulators, regulator vents, piping, tubing, and valves.
  5. Smell gas? Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cellphones. Leave immediately then call us from a safe place to report the leak, or call 911.
  6. Never use a stove or bring your gas grill indoors for space heating. Improper ventilation can lead to unsafe carbon monoxide fume build up.
  7. Keep portable generators accessible and operate with caution. Never use portable generators (gasoline, diesel, or propane) indoors or in enclosed areas. Doing so can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Stay safe and prepared throughout the winter! We’re here to help you with any safety questions and to schedule your propane equipment’s maintenance.  Just contact us at or toll free at 1-(800) 647-4427.

Click our Safety Tips for detailed, helpful information.

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