Top Spring Propane Uses

March 23, 2020 –

Top Spring Propane Uses

After a long and cold winter, we all look forward to springtime; the season representing new life with more sunshine and longer days of light. As temperatures begin to rise this spring, so will your time outdoors! Make springtime everything you want from it with propane. Propane has so many convenient and versatile outdoor uses like cooking, yard work, hearths and fire pits, heaters, outdoor lighting, pool heat and spas.

Outdoor Cooking. Spring is a perfect time for firing up your grills and smokers. BBQs, cookouts, and tailgates are all-American favorites throughout this season.

Yard Work. Spring is also the time to nurture your gardens and yards. With flowers blooming and grasses growing, you’ll want to provide some TLC to your grounds. Propane-powered gardening tools such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and trimmers are becoming much more widely known and used thanks to propane’s versatility, ease of use, low maintenance, low operating costs and its kindness to the environment.

Hearths, Fire Pits & Heaters. With propane at hand, cool nights won’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Go ahead and savor your backyard long into the night, or plan that great camping trip! You’ll stay warm with your pal propane. Propane hearths and fire pits provide plenty of ambiance without the constant tending to or obligatory clean up after. Remotely controlled models are also available. Simply enjoy your warming fire and leave the other maintenance stuff behind. Are you prepping for a camping trip? Don’t forget your propane! Propane-fueled portable heaters or space heaters beat the pain of buying and lugging firewood. With a model made just for your needs, you can get the most out of any camping adventure with the least amount of effort on comfort and convenience.

Outdoor Living. Just because summer isn’t here quite yet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your pool. You can easily start your pool season early with a propane pool heater, extending your pool time well through autumn. Propane’s high dependability and efficiency make it the perfect fuel source for heating outdoor pools and spas. Extremely popular among consumers, propane heating surpasses electric units, and will keep your water temperature steady, even on chilly nights. You can learn more about propane pool heating HERE.

And of course, please make sure your BBQ propane tanks are filled all season long so you’re getting the most out of your time outdoors. Do you need to refill or replace a propane tank? Check for one of our Paraco LOCATIONS nearest you or give us a call for assistance.

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