Top 5 Questions about Propane Equipment

April 18, 2022 –

Propane is a versatile, convenient, and efficient fuel source, and propane equipment is built to last. Sometimes, we get questions about propane equipment like leasing tanks or how propane equipment is billed.

Here we address the 5 top questions about propane equipment.

My propane tank has been installed here for a very long time – shouldn’t it be paid for by now?

Propane tanks may need to be recertified or replaced after their original test date expires. If the tank is in good condition, we can sometimes recertify them on location.

They are often rusted or in poor condition and need to be changed, and there’s a fee for these services. When you own your tank, the cost to replace a regulator could exceed $250. Tank replacements can cost more than $700, depending on tank size.

Who certifies propane tanks?

Paraco certifies propane tanks! Contact us, and we’ll get you started. If we aren’t local to you, a reputable local propane company will be able to help.

Isn’t the cost of the equipment factored into the price per gallon?

No — the price of propane is based on changing market conditions, estimated annual usage, and what it costs us to deliver it to you.

Our cost for the truck, the driver, and other related delivery expenses stay the same, whether we are delivering 40 gallons or 400. The more propane you use, the lower the price per gallon.

This principle applies when you buy almost any commodity – even milk (compare the price of a quart of milk to the price of a gallon, for example).

Can I purchase my Propane Tank?

Yes! You can call your local office to get current pricing. It’s important to note that once you purchase your propane tank, any maintenance work, leak repairs, or replacement tank and parts will be a billable service, which can get expensive (especially after hours).

I have two large propane tanks in my backyard and would like to switch companies. What do I have to do?

Inventory the tanks to determine who owns them (you or the supplier), what the gas is used for, how many gallons you use yearly, where the tanks are located on the property, whether they are aboveground or underground, and if they meet all the code requirements.

Paraco can survey your site at no charge to ensure your tanks are up to code.

I have had these propane tanks for a long time. Why do I need a permit now?

The gas company installing tanks must ensure a storage permit is approved by the fire department or the authority having jurisdiction. If new gas piping is needed, a permit may also be required from your town or city.

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