Top 5 Questions about Propane Delivery

March 9, 2021 –

Here we answer our 5 most commonly received questions about propane delivery.

  • How can I help Paraco help me get my propane deliveries?
    Keep your driveway and a pathway to your propane container clear so our driver can easily access your equipment. Alert us to any changes in your account, such as the addition of appliances or any other known change in usage. Please pay your bill on time; during these times of high-cost product, our suppliers pay very close attention to their credit terms.
  • Does a propane shortage affect my ability to get supply?
    Because Paraco sources its fuel from more than 10 supply points, we are somewhat insulated from the shortages that other propane suppliers experience. While no propane company is immune to these shortages, we generally have enough fuel on hand to satisfy our customers’ needs throughout the winter.
  • How do I know when I’m due for a delivery?
    If you are on Automatic Delivery, we will know when to refill your tank(s). But it is important that you notify us of any changes in routine usage; for example, when adding or removing an appliance or increasing appliance usage. Will-Call Delivery customers should call our customer service department when their tank’s gauge is at 30%-35% and schedule a delivery. Pool customers should check their gauge weekly.
  • What is the wait time for a delivery if I am a “will-call” customer? Is there a way to shorten the wait time?
    We do our best to service you within a couple of days. The typical wait time depends on the location of your home, and is usually two to three business days. Paraco does offer next-day delivery service for $75 plus tax and same-day service for $150 plus tax. Please note that same-day service is dictated by driver and truck availability and is at the discretion of Paraco dispatch.
  • My delivery is scheduled for today. What time is it coming?
    It isn’t possible to accurately predict a narrow delivery time window due to the uncertain nature of our business and the possibility of emergency calls. If you are not out of fuel, you do not need to be home for the delivery driver. If you run out of fuel, a general time window will be given – for example, 8am to noon, or noon to 5pm.


  1. Amy Saunders on June 13, 2022 at 10:28 am

    Phew! It was such a relief when you specified that a typical delivery process for propane gas supply can be completed in less than a week (or maybe half of it) provided we opt for a suitable service provider. My uncle should really take this info into consideration before he takes any further action in the near future. Since his country house relies on propane to run its electricity, he’s quite worried that it would get depleted by winter.

  2. Elle Jones on August 23, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    I was greatly relieved when you clarified that the usual propane gas delivery process can be finished in under a week, possibly even in just a few days, as long as we choose a reliable service provider. My friend needs to factor in this information before making any decisions in the coming weeks. Given that his rural property relies on propane for electricity, he’s understandably concerned about the possibility of it running out during the winter months.

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