Tips to Save Energy & Reduce Your Energy Bills

October 2, 2022 –

Even during the coldest seasons, rest assured you’ve chosen wisely to utilize propane, a green, versatile, and affordable fuel source. The energy saver tips listed here can help you keep utility bills and heating costs low and make the most out of your fall and winter.


  • Defend your home against drafts. Use weather stripping and caulking around all your doors, windows, and any other openings to help keep the warmth in and the cold out.


  • Does propane power your water heater? If not, you should consider converting to one. It’s relatively easy to replace and the perfect time if your existing non-propane powered water heater is old. Propane water heaters can cost around 30% less to operate over time and recover hot water faster than electric models. They increase energy efficiency by draining every six months, and even have longer lifespans.


  • Save on your hot water bills by decreasing the water temp by an easy 5 degrees; an effective way to save on yearly energy costs.


  • Reduce your water usage significantly by installing flow-restricting showerheads. They won’t impact your shower pressure, saving you money.


  • Fix leaky faucets to thwart wasted water usage.


  • Let the sunshine in and open the curtains. During daylight hours, turn off artificial lights and let windows and skylights brighten your home.


  • Pay attention to your furnace. A heating system/HVAC system that runs well saves you money and potentially increases the system’s longevity. Just change the furnace filter monthly.


  • Consider a programmable thermostat, many of which control through your smart device for precise temperature control. These thermostats can even “learn” your favorite settings and automatically adjust temperatures. Because of this, they help you save up to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. While shopping, don’t forget to look for special offers and rebates.


  • Switch to Energy Star appliances, fans, and electronics. Energy Star certified appliances use 10 – 20% less energy than standard appliances.


  • Use a power strip. We all have electronic equipment, and a super easy way to save extra cash is by plugging your electronic devices into a power strip/surge protector and then turning it off when not in use. Using a strip could save you up to $100 annually!


  • Whether you already have or are considering the purchase of a fireplace, it is worthwhile to look into one fueled by propane. Propane hearths and fireplaces are efficient and convenient, spreading heat more evenly, burning more effectively, and opting out of the mess of wood-burning ones. Did we mention propane fireplaces come in thermostatically controlled options?

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