The Top Propane Grills of 2023

June 20, 2023 – ,

When it comes to outdoor cooking, propane gas grills are a go-to choice for their advanced designs, ease of use, and affordable operation. Propane grills deliver an exceptional grilling experience because they offer convenience, versatility, and excellent temperature control.

As propane grills increase in popularity, there’s now a larger selection of products available on the market. While researching the best options available, there are a few tips and product recommendations to make the right selection.


What to Look for in Your Next Propane Grill
Propane grills are now more advanced and feature plenty of bells and whistles. As you shop around, there are three key features to look for in gas grills.

  1. Three burners: Propane grills with three burners are ideal because of their small footprint and simple design. They allow for better temperature control and feature a larger cooking area.
  2. Cast-aluminum firebox: This type of appliance is rustproof and durable. Cast aluminum is also excellent at retaining heat.
  3. Accessories: Added accessories provide the flexibility to cook different foods and get more use out of the appliance.

Although a variety of grills are available, propane is still the best fuel for quickly firing up the grill. There are no requirements for extra hookups or having to deal with coals. With Paraco Gas’ Tank Exchange Program, it’s easy to refuel faster and always be ready to grill.
Our Top Picks

Here are the top propane grill picks for everyone, from beginners to seasoned masters, at various price points.

One of the best propane grills under $1000 is the Weber GENESIS E-352s Gas Grill. This product has more usable space, even temperatures, and an extra-large 13,000-BTU searing zone. In addition, it’s heavy-duty with commercial-grade stainless steel components for long-term use.


Propane Grills Under $500

A variety of grills under $500 have a range of options. They often have 250 to 700 square inches of cooking space with large flat-top grills. The best propane grill for under $500 is the Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill. It’s a top choice for its durable design, stainless-steel heat deflector, and porcelain-enameled cooking grate.

The Blackstone 4-Burner 36” Gas Griddle is currently one of the top products on the market because it features four independent heat controls and 60,000 BTUs. It’s large enough to use to feed an entire restaurant.


Propane Grills Under $300

You can still find an excellent grill for under $300 if you want to pay less. Look for a grill with good overall performance, including efficient heating and even cooking. One of the top-rated grills in the industry is the Nexgrill 4-Burner Gas Grill.

The Blackstone 1813 Stainless Steel Propane Griddle Grill is considered the best choice for both professional and amateur cooks. From a heating system that speeds up the cooking process to its versatile design, it’s the best propane grill under $300.


Propane Grills to Take on the Go

A camper propane grill is the ultimate choice for those on the move. Small, one-pound propane tanks will provide enough fuel for roughly two hours. Check portability and grill compactness for your camping and picnic needs. However, it should also be heavy enough to prevent tipping.

A top choice is the Weber Q 1200 Liquid Propane Grill. It provides even cooking without flare-ups and an easy-to-remove drip pan. The added thermometer on the lid contributes to its ease of use.

Assessing your specific needs will make it easier to choose the right grill for your cooking style and requirements. By investing in a high-quality propane gas grill, you can elevate your outdoor cooking experiences and improve the taste of the diverse range of foods you prepare.

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