Switch to Propane Appliances For Monthly Savings

June 7, 2022 –

Saving money on a one-time purchase is fantastic. (Anyone who’s experienced the high of pulling out a 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupon can tell you that.)

But consistently saving money is where the real difference can come in.

Using propane for your home appliances can drastically lower your energy bill and increase what’s in your savings account. Propane offers you a long-term home savings plan that doesn’t require extra effort once it’s up and running.

Many people associate propane with grills, but it’s a powerful energy source that can fuel a vast range of technology that makes our lives more comfortable and manageable. And it can do it at a way more affordable price than electricity because of its efficiency — only a small amount of propane is needed to produce the same energy output as a large amount of electricity.

And it’s protective of the environment, too. Propane produces far fewer emissions than other liquid fuels like diesel or natural gas — so much so that propane has been a designated alternative fuel for years, included in the Clean Air Act of 1990.

In many parts of the country, propane produces lower emissions than electricity because coal power plants often create electricity. While electricity is one solution to reducing emissions, it isn’t necessarily the only one or best.

So do you have to buy new appliances to get on the propane train? Some people go this route, spending money on new propane-powered devices to get started on the monthly savings, but it isn’t necessary to do an expensive overhaul all at once.

Knowing about propane savings is excellent information to keep in the back of your mind when it’s time to replace your things as they reach the end of their lifespans. Then you can go the propane route one at a time as necessary!

Make sure to work with a reliable and reputable company like us to get up and running. Good companies will offer perks like automatic delivery and online portals to make payment and service easy.

Here are some of the most common propane money savers and the additional perks that come with them:

HVAC systems

Using propane for home heat, ventilation, and air conditioning saves big bucks over other power sources. Remember, propane’s efficiency makes it more affordable than electricity — in fact, it’s 30% more efficient. When you switch to propane, that’s a 30% savings on your air conditioning cost.

When you’ve got the AC pumping during the hottest months, that can add up to a nice chunk of change going back into your pocket.

Stoves and ovens

Propane stoves and propane ovens offer precise temperature control that home cooks love — and save an average of $80 – $120 per year compared to electric models! Plus, there’s a wide variety of styles to suit every home, and conversion is simple.

A bonus is the instant-on, instant-off capabilities of propane stove burners. Electric models often remain dangerously hot for minutes after they’ve been “turned off.”

Water heaters

Propane water heaters use tankless pumps for heating water, which have several advantages in addition to monetary savings. There’s also a physical space saving that could allow you to transform an area previously taken up by a bulky water tank — hello, expanded laundry room! Hey there, new mudroom!

Clothes dryers

Here’s a fun bonus! In addition to the budgeting power brought on by using propane for your clothes dryer, propane dryers also reduce static cling in your dry cycles compared to electric models. (It’s called “static electricity” for a reason!)

The air used to dry clothes in a propane clothes dryer is moist, helping you avoid the dreaded cling and keeping your clothing looking its best for longer since the fibers won’t be frayed and dried out as much over time.


Power outages are genuinely the worst. They are an inconvenience at best, and they can be costly when you factor in the food loss from having to clear out an out-of-operation refrigerator.

Using a propane-powered generator means you aren’t reliant on the grid for your home’s power. A standby propane generator will kick on as soon as there’s an outage, so the downtime is negligible.

Whatever you use propane for will save you and your family money on a regular basis. Using a hefty discount code one time is fantastic. But being able to find more room in your budget every month?

That’s a game-changer.

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