Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Space: Prepping Your Outdoor Area for Summer

June 6, 2024 –

This is the time of year many homeowners begin the process of spring cleaning their outdoor spaces in preparation for summer activities. Clearing away debris that’s gathered on your patio and lawn, uncovering outdoor furniture and appliances, and checking to make sure your cooking and entertaining spaces are ready for use are some of the bigger items on homeowners’ to-do lists. Get a head start on your list now by checking these important items off the list:

Get the Fire Pit Ready
Not having to worry about cleaning the mess of soot and ash is one of the more pleasant benefits of a propane-powered fire pit. Homeowners should still clean debris away from fire pits and test ignition prior to use.

Prep the Pool
Scheduling an appointment for your pool technician to clean and treat your pool with the proper chemicals is a must-do for spring. Next on the pool prep list may be adding a heating source. If you’ve been thinking about installing a propane pool heater, now is the time to get more info by contacting your local propane provider. Using a propane pool heater extends the swimming calendar from early spring right into the fall. And if you already have a pool heater, don’t forget to call your provider for an inspection and a propane fill-up. An industry professional, like Paraco’s licensed technicians, will inspect, clean, and start your propane pool heater to ensure it operates safely and efficiently.

Refill Grill, Smoker, and Pizza Oven Canisters
Clean, inspect, and remove any signs of rust on grills, smokers, and pizza ovens. If you are running low on propane for your grill, smoker, or pizza oven, you have two options. You can refill your tank at participating retailers or you can bring it to stores that have a tank exchange program. Retailers like Home Depot and many gas stations have this option. It’s as easy as bringing your empty tank from home and exchanging it for a full one. See the Paraco Gas website for locations or contact your local propane provider.

If you have a large tank permanently installed on your property that powers your outdoor appliances, be sure you have a delivery scheduled.

Dispose of Old Tanks
Tanks can be recycled although many recycling centers and landfills won’t accept them unless professionally drained of gas. Your local propane provider will be able to properly recycle your tank. Additionally, many propane providers, including Paraco, accept and refurbish old tanks for continued use at its refurbishing center, keeping them out of landfills.

Spring cleaning is a great time to schedule a visit from your propane provider to inspect any tanks, making sure they are in proper working order and ready for summer. And if this is your first summer using propane outdoor appliances or if you are thinking of adding or switching to propane, contact Paraco Gas to schedule a fill up or to learn more about powering your outdoor space with propane.

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