Save on Winter Heating Bills With a Condensing Boiler

February 21, 2023 – ,

If you’ve received a few winter utility bills that made you yell out an expletive, then it may be time to make a few changes to your appliances. Although you may assume the only option to staying warm and saving money is breaking out your wool socks and space heater, better options are available; otherwise, you may resort to eating ice cream to stay warm. As a homeowner, it’s important to learn about the benefits of installing a condensing boiler and how it can save you money.

What Is a Condensing Boiler?
During their initial heating phases, condensing and non-condensing boilers are quite similar. Both units push heat through a heat exchanger, transferring the energy to water that cycles through your baseboards and radiator. However, some of the heat energy produced by burning fuel is lost in the process.

In non-condensing units, that heat energy is expelled by the exhaust system, which is equivalent to dollar bills floating away. You’re paying for fuel to heat your home, but about 15 to 30% of it is going to waste.

Unlike old-school boilers, condensing units capture that exhaust, route it to another heat exchanger, and extract more precious heat energy. As a result, condensing units can be up to 95% more efficient.

How Much Does a Condensing Boiler Cost?
Condensing boilers can range in cost from about $5,000 to upwards of $9,000, and the cost of the boiler you decide on will largely depend on the size of your home and how sophisticated of a unit you look into on the market. While a condensing boiler is more expensive than a traditional unit, they are far more efficient, saving you 23% on average compared to non-condensing units.

To keep your initial investment costs in check, you should connect with a professional installation team like Paraco Gas. We can help you find the most financially friendly condensing boiler for your home, handle its installation, and provide you with the clean-burning propane needed to keep your house toasty all winter long.

How Long Does a Condensing Boiler Last?
The exact lifespan of a condensing boiler depends on several factors, including the model you purchase, where you live, and how well the boiler is maintained, though generally, you can expect to get about 15 to 20 years out of a quality condensing boiler.

Once your new boiler is installed, schedule annual maintenance and ask your installation team for tips on caring for your system. They will help you keep it in tip-top shape so you can enjoy lower utility bill savings for years to come.

What Temperature Should I Put My Heat On to Save Money?
Setting your condensing boiler to the perfect temperature can allow you to maximize your savings. The ideal setting for a thermostat is 68 degrees during the winter. Drop your thermostat down by seven to ten degrees for about eight hours per day for added savings, reducing your heating costs even further. Before your jaw drops on the table, remember that you can lower the thermostat when you’re away at work or while sleeping at night.

Learning more about the benefits of condensing boilers will help you decide whether such a high-efficiency system is right for your home. Obtaining a quote can also allow you to take the next step toward savings on your winter heating bills so you can avoid crying over your high bills and having your tears freeze in the process.

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