A Guide to Salamander and Infrared Heaters

March 14, 2022 –

There are several options out there for construction site temporary heat during the cold winter months. Whichever one you go with carries with it major advantages. Having the heat to work comfortably can make the difference between sticking to your project deadlines or missing them.

Two of the most popular temporary heating options are Salamander and infrared heaters. Thoroughly understanding the difference between them will help you make the best decision for your construction heaters.

– A salamander heater is a portable forced-air or convection heater. A convection heater works using a fan to push cold air though a flame, which converts it to warm air.

– Salamander heaters work beautifully in well ventilated-spaces like warehouses, workshops, and construction sites. Powered by propane, they provide instant warmth to your workspace.

– Salamanders are also known as “torpedo furnaces,” “salamander furnaces” or simple “salamanders.”

– Why is it called a “Salamander heater?” A traditional wood-burning stove in Spain or Portugal is called a “salamandra.” This name originates from the legend that the salamanders can survive a fire, which was born from the fact that salamanders often scattered from logs when they were thrown on a fire.

– It’s a requirement to have a well-ventilated area to operate a Salamander heater. The safety precautions included with your model are important because their temperatures run very high.

– Infrared heaters, also known as radiant heaters, use propane (or natural) gas as a fuel source to heat ceramic panels, creating warmth. This produces targeted heat that means the closer you get to the space heater, the hotter you will be.

– You may have noticed how quickly you feel the warmth of the sun once it peeks out on an overcast day. This is because infrared rays travel through the air and are absorbed by objects they come in contact with-including you. Infrared heating works the same way in space heaters.

– Infrared heaters are over 99 percent efficient — an extremely high efficiency rate.

– Because of their targeted heat abilities, radiant heating is the right choice if you want to warm up quickly when coming in from the cold! Just stand in front of an infrared heater and you’ll be toasty again quickly.

When you’re looking for a temporary heating solution for your construction project, Paraco has the solutions you need to keep your crew warm and working — and we can help determine which type of heater, convection or radiant, is right for you.

We’ll assist you with options from Salamander and portable infrared heaters to forced air and trailer heaters and more.

Call 800.647.4427 today to speak with the temporary heat specialists at Paraco today.


  1. Tracy Daniel on November 10, 2019 at 3:05 pm


    my name is Tracy and I’m looking for help with this particular 60s model salamander trying to get the spark and fuel-air mixture correct don’t have a manual would appreciate any help

    • lstansfield on November 13, 2019 at 9:54 am

      Hi Tracy, We are looking into getting you an answer from someone in our service department. Thank you for reaching out.

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