Propane’s Role in the Booming Cannabis Industry

January 4, 2022 –

It’s no secret that cannabis is big business. And growers are turning to propane for marijuana farming.

Propane and cannabis may seem unlikely partners, but they make perfect sense together. Propane safely and efficiently controls the temperature of an environment, and cannabis thrives under closely controlled conditions and the maintenance of ideal temperature.

And now that more and more states have legalized it, there’s a full-on thriving marijuana industry.

Cannabis sales data platform BDSA predicts that the legal cannabis market in the United States will reach $41 billion in annual sales by 2026. That will make the marijuana market as profitable as the craft beer market.

The legalization of cannabis has led to modern growing accommodations, and propane plays a significant role in that modernization.

For large-scale production, marijuana greenhouses are generally seen as the way to go. And for the precise cannabis growing temperature required to yield the best crops, propane can’t be beaten. It’s the ideal way to heat your greenhouse or grow tent, providing consistent heat with low emissions in a way that’s safe for plants.

Another advantage is that propane power generators produce 72% fewer sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions than electric generators. Using propane generators for marijuana grow houses means blackouts- or planned power outages- aren’t even a concern.

Propane has clear advantages over electricity for this reason, as well as the fact that it’s portable. For space, cannabis growing facilities are often on the outskirts of populated areas, meaning that the utilities available are limited. But since propane works wherever you are, connectedness to a grid is far less of a consideration.

You could say the same for diesel — however, propane is better suited to power cannabis greenhouses. It has an indefinite shelf life, meaning that it will work just the same today or many days down the line. Diesel degrades over time, meaning that it may not be up to the job when you need it.

Propane also burns cleaner than diesel and can be stored on-site, either above ground or in-ground, without risk of ground or groundwater contamination. In contrast, diesel can cause spills or leaks that the soil would retain, affecting its composition.

Now, some people wonder if the odor of propane will harm their plants, and happily, the answer is no. Rarely will you even detect any smell at all. An odorant is added purely for safety purposes so that you’ll be aware of it if a leak has occurred, and otherwise, it won’t affect the plants at all.

Professionals in the cannabis industry also use propane as a means of extraction. Cannabis wax, butter, oil, and other extracts are in demand, and obtaining them requires a process involving high heat. Propane’s low boiling point allows for a lower purging temperature, making it a safer choice than alternatives like butane.

Cannabis has been a booming underground industry for decades, and now that its legality is spreading through the United States, it’s only going to get bigger. Propane is one of the best partners a marijuana entrepreneur can have.

There are even monetary incentives available for running a propane greenhouse!

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